Mother's Day Memories Part 2

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

They say that something cooked with a little love from Mom always tastes better. For Mother’s Day this year, many of you shared recipes passed down from your mothers, and art inspired by mom’s garden-to-table creations. We are so lucky to share these memories with you all of you, so that you too can find some heartwarming inspiration for your own garden to table adventures.

Jamie K. :
“Minestrone soup with lots of garden veggies!!  My mother has been gone now for almost 20 years, but I have many recipes from her kitchen that I still use—some as is, and some I’ve adapted and improved. She was a very good cook, but not always adventuresome with recipes.  She was a stick to the recipe kind of person.  She taught me how to cook, as is true of many people, and it was one of my major bonding times with her.  We also had a fairly large family garden growing up, with everything from tomatoes and cucumbers to okra and peppers. Moreover, we also had a flower garden with roses and carnations and more traditional flowers.  We all planted and watered and weeded together.  And I was the one who would sometimes sneak out and play with the water hose, getting dirty and thoroughly soaked, usually just prior to an event when we were supposed to be neatly dressed and well-groomed. I have a nearly 20-year-old daughter now who cooks, bakes, and gardens with me. She is often willing to take on a new and complicated recipe just to see how it tastes and how it turns out. Thanks for the chance to share a story of my mother and also of my daughter and me.”
garden-to-table-minestrone Mother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden
Hereaclitus :
“My mother is in her 70's and gardens when she can but mainly takes care of my father because he has Alzheimer's now. She instilled in me the virtues of using all of the plant; roots to stem. So when I cook very veggie forward using lots of herbs of course. I also make stock. My mom showed me how to save the ends of the veggies from the garden and freeze everything in a bag, then when it's time to make a stock use all the scraps. I have enjoyed making stocks, adding them to soups, sauces, and even to smoothies. I am an artist so this is one of my pictures of my beautiful stocks from my mothers garden. I remember the smile across my mothers face when she was sunlit in the garden. She would hum while she gardened. She showed me this intrinsic respect and deep reverence for the garden and all it cultivates…To all the sunlit smiling mothers barefoot in their gardens everywhere, cheers and stars.”
garden-to-table-soup-stock-artMother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden
Katie K. :
“Rhubarb is a family affair among the mother-gardeners of my bloodline. No garden is without it. The recipe for rhubarb pie has also been passed down. I know this photo doesn't look so good but I'll tell you the pie was delicious, it always is.”
rhubarb-pie Mother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden
S.M. :
“Shelly isn’t my birth mother, but she is an angel on earth who loves me and my children unconditionally as though we were hers. I will forever be grateful to feel a true mothers love from her. Thank you to all the mothers out there 🌈🙏🏼” 
woman-and-child-gardening Mother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden

Diane R. :
“It [motherhood] means teaching and learning the simple things in life How to be one with nature and the earth. Growing fresh foods to eat and share with family and friends. Also to learn such a valuable skill that should be taught more and more.”
Children-gardening-onions Mother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden
Anh C. :
“My favorite memories with my Mom were our family meals on Fridays and the weekend where we cook together with veggies from the garden, hang out and share stories, and spend quality family time. We now do this with my children. We have our own garden and make meals together, spending time to bond. When we can, my Mom joins us and it's wonderful. I selected "Share a photo of a dish your mom passed down to you using garden grown vegetables." Attached is a simple dish with homegrown eggplant and squash with garlic and miso.”
garden-to-table-miso-veggies Mother's Day Memories Part 2 | Vego Garden

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