Vego Garden Special Features



Complete Systems

From the very beginning, Vego Garden has aimed to create unified gardening systems that start outside, in your garden, and extend all the way into your day-to-day today life. The aim has always been to create a place for all gardeners, of any skill level, to have a wide variety of reliable and easily accessible garden resources and tools. It all started with high-quality materials and the designs for our modular raised metal garden bed collections. The modular designs allow gardeners to customize their space and get creative. The team continues to develop more products and add-ons that enhance the Vego experience. Beyond the physical product, education and community are an integral part of the Vego Garden system.  The Academy, Kids Program, and Giving Back Program have always had a place in the heart of Vego Garden. Here, it is all about growth, innovation, and connection; we will continue to strive for these values from design to customer.

Safety Features

At Vego Garden, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. This is why rounded cap nuts are included for the top two rows of every garden bed; these nuts ensure no hands will be cut and no clothes will be snagged. Just above those, there is a reliable safety edging to prevent any sharp edges around the perimeter. The safety edging contains a steel mesh inside that grips to the rolled lip of the bed for a secure finish that won’t slip during your garden work. Most obviously, there are no sharp corners on any of our designs, only rounded.  This is the most effective way to protect your children and pets as they play and run through the garden. 

Ergonomic Height

Everything about the Vego Garden modular raised garden bed is designed with a purpose; that extends to the panels themselves and even the height. The sleek corrugated panels provide stability and protection against small climbing critters. The 17” tall collection offers the optimal height for root health and the 32” tall collection additionally provides ease of access to those with mobility restraints. Both heights aid in cultivating an excellent, nutrient-rich environment for any number of plants. At Vego Garden, the customers’ needs and feedback are always in mind when designing each product. It’s this feedback that leads to developments like excluding bolt holes from every other curve of our 32” tall collection. This has drastically cut the time and the strain of assembly, improving the products for future customers to come!  

Modular Design

Vego Garden kits feature an innovative modular design, which means you can assemble a kit into various configurations. For example, in a 9-In-1 Kit, you can build one of 9 possible configurations to fit your garden plans. The 4-in-1 offers 4 configurations, the 6-in-1 offers 6, and so on!