Why We Are The Best?

Vego Garden is the #1 brand in modular metal garden beds. We use the best material and hardware in our designs and offer bigger sizes than our competitors. Different from other distributors, Vego Garden is a vertically integrated company that designs, tests, manufactures, and retails our products directly to customers. This ensures control over our supply chain, allowing us to regulate the quality of materials. 

By doing so, we have the best understanding of what we are selling. We say we are the best, simply because we know we are more knowledgeable than any other brands. The stellar reviews on our website, which are 5 stars, are a testimony to our expertise in the raised garden bed industry. 


Vego has solved many problems that are found in conventional raised garden beds by eliminating the tedious and costly process of DIY construction involved. Tailor made wooden beds are expensive, and require a paid designer to measure and design. Our beds are ⅕ the price of a custom made wooden raised bed. DIY construction also requires extensive carpentry, which is time consuming and difficult for the average consumer. Vego beds are made from 100% recyclable metal and take just 40 minutes to assemble, requiring only a screwdriver. 

Plastic raised beds are unsafe, while hazardous chemicals can leak into wood treated beds and contaminate the soil. Our beds are made from high quality steel that is very safe to use. While the wood in wooden beds can warp and rot within only 3 - 5 years and drive up the replacement cost, Vego steel products are designed to last 20 years.

The BEST Size:

Vego Garden offers raised garden beds in 17” tall and 32” tall, which are much taller than any competitors. The height is ergonomically designed to ensure the most comfortable gardening position. These raised beds are very versatile, allowing you to plant a variety of crops of all sizes, from flowers and herbs to watermelons and pumpkins.

When comparing garden beds, make sure to compare the actual dimensions. Our beds are significantly wider and longer than competitors. This allows for you to have a larger growing space using Vego Garden beds. 

All Vego Garden products are designed in imperial units, making it easy for you to plan your space. Our most common widths are 2 ft, 2.5ft, 3.5ft, and 4ft, so you do not need to use your calculator to convert units to see what you are getting.


Instead of small cheap zinc hardware, Vego Garden uses the BEST IN CLASS hardware made from 304 Stainless Steel, which is 30% larger in size than our competitors. We want our beds to last for decades of use. Vego Garden also uses extra thick aluminum in our bracing rods, which will not rust or leach into the soil. The strength of Vego Garden bracing rods is 50% stronger than any others on the market.


Vego Garden is the only company that truly defines the concept of modular garden beds, offering the necessary materials and information for your raised garden bed plans. From the Herb Garden (2 X 2 ft) to the (4 X 24 ft) extra long beds, 17” and 32” tall, 4 colors, WE HAVE THEM ALL. Our designs are intended to balance the harmony of your backyard and provide a clean look to your gardens.

In addition, we incorporate the greatest number of models in our product line, and offer extension kits and bracing rods for customer to customize their garden. You can easily innovate using our raised DIY garden kits. You design your dream garden, and we will make it happen.


Vego Garden ensures the best shopping experience with our BEST-IN-CLASS customer service. We have customer service people working 7 days a week, from 9am to 4pm CST. We value the 100% happy satisfaction we receive from every customer, and we work our best to ensure an outstanding customer experience. 


Here at VEGO, we help you grow THE BEST!

Vego Garden 17" Tall 6 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit