11 Flower Bulbs that Bloom in Spring and Summer

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Vego Garden

Secure stunning views in your garden by planting flower bulbs that open with the arrival of warmer weather.

Flower bulbs are relatively easy to grow, but time is of the essence, and you need to get everything ready in the fall or winter.

Here are eight exquisite flower bulbs that bloom from early spring into late summer, perfect for keeping stunning views at your doorstep for two seasons. Take notes and plan ahead to have a garden bursting with color for the warmer months!

Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are elegant, cup-shaped blooms with large, glossy foliage. These bulbs need to go underground in early spring or late warm winters, as long as the last frost has passed. Calla lilies can bloom from late spring through summer, while in colder climates, they may bloom from early summer into fall. They are fast to bloom and have a lifespan of a couple of weeks, so you can enjoy them in your garden or bring the blooms inside to decorate your house.

Asiatic Lilies
These perennial bulbs are well known for their freckles and upward-facing blooms. Planted in the ground in early fall, they bloom from early to mid-summer for three to four weeks. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, they dislike cold weather, so schedule planting time accordingly.

Canna Lilies
Canna lilies are summer-blooming bulbs that produce large, lush foliage in different warm color hues. Plant them in nutrient-rich soil and full sun after the danger of frost has passed in late spring. In warmer climates, canna lilies can even be planted in early spring for an extended growing season. Canna lilies are stunning flowers with a long lifespan once they've bloomed, making them a popular choice and the third variety of lilies on the list.

Grape Hyacinths
Grape hyacinths are charming spring-flowering bulbs that resemble a bunch of grapes in the shape of a cone, adding a pop of color to rock gardens, flower beds, or raised beds. These cold-hardy bulbs are best planted in early fall for blooms from late winter to early spring. They thrive in moist soil and can naturalize in areas with colder climates, creating a carpet of blue flowers year after year.

Tulip Bulbs
No spring garden is complete without the classic beauty of tulips. These spring-flowering bulbs come in many colors and varieties, each with its own growing preferences. Typically, tulip bulbs are planted in the fall before the ground freezes and are expected to bloom in late spring. Their blooms are the epitome of spring and have a lifespan of a few weeks, brightening the garden as they come and go with the season.

Also known as sword lilies, Gladiolus feature tall, spear-like spikes adorned with colorful warm-colored blooms, making a bold statement in the garden. Plant these summer-flowering bulbs in early spring in full sun and watch them bloom from late spring through summer. Gladiolus add height and drama to your garden, and their flowers are amazing as statement pieces in flower arrangements or bouquets.

Tuberous Begonias
Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden, tuberous begonias produce large, showy flowers that resemble roses but with flatter petals. These bulbs are planted in the soil in early spring for blooms that last from late spring through summer. They thrive in light shade and can be grown in planters, flower beds, or raised beds under partial shade. However, keep an eye on the weather, as begonias do not tolerate drastic changes in temperature or cold weather.

Ornamental Onions
Not meant for consumption, these ornamental globe-shaped flowers have unique and long-lasting blooms. Plant these hardy bulbs in the fall for flowers that emerge in late spring to early summer. While the flowers are typically mostly purple, there are also other colorful varieties available. They prefer to grow under full sun and are excellent for attracting pollinators to your garden.

Spanish Bluebells
Spanish bluebells are dainty and delicate bell-shaped flowers in a rich blue color. These flowers are best planted in spring so they bloom into early summer. They prefer partial shade to full shade and are not cold-hardy, so any harsh changes in temperature may cause them to perish. Spanish bluebells are stunning when cut and placed in vases indoors, bringing a touch of spring indoors.
Bearded Iris
Bearded iris is a beloved favorite among gardeners for its striking blooms and tall, elegant foliage. These spring-planted bulbs come in a variety of colors, and they are best planted in late summer or early fall for blooms that will flourish in spring and summer. Bearded iris thrives in full sun, making them ideal for adding charm to the front steps of your home.
Elephant Ears
Not quite the flower, elephant ears are primarily grown for their foliage, which can grow to be several feet long and wide, resembling the shape of elephant ears, hence their common name. These summer bulbs prefer warm climates and can be planted in early spring once the soil temperature of the garden beds or raised beds has warmed up. These plants are perennials in tropical and subtropical regions, where they can grow year-round in warm climates. In temperate zones, they are often grown as annuals or overwintered indoors due to their sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Final Thoughts
From the delicate elegance of calla lilies to the vibrant hues of tulips, incorporating these eight flower bulbs is sure to give your garden new life!
Get the most out of the spring and summer months by strategizing your flower bulb selection to ensure blooms throughout the warmer months!

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