Vego Garden Giving Back Program Update - June 2024

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Houston, TX, June 30th, 2024  – As the gardening industry’s innovation leader, Vego Garden has continued to serve local communities and underprivileged individuals via its Giving Back Program - with notable progress and partnerships formed since the start of the year. With a mission to give back and serve communities, our donations have contributed to an increasing number of projects to further social empowerment. 

With a steadfast focus on corporate social responsibility, we have lent support to social, charitable, not-profit, and educational projects in various communities this year. Following notable results achieved in May, the Giving Back Program has continued to achieve encouraging results in the month of June, with donations made to 16 new organizations. These include donations to 8 non-profit organizations, 7 schools, and 1 association. Since the beginning of 2024, we have donated garden beds to a total of 78 organizations in support of various causes. 

New Partnerships in Bloom 

With summer in full swing, the Giving Back Program is also in full bloom with many new partnerships, once again highlighting our dedication to foster true change through the power of gardening. 

We partnered recently with the Yuba City Unified School District, helping to support their vision to "feed today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world." They aim to engage students in choosing healthy food options, while creating a garden that belongs to the student body - establishing pride and influencing every child in the process. 

We donated 2 17" Tall 9 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits to support their learning programs, while using the food produced as a supplement to encourage healthier choices and eating habits amongst students. 

The Rabun Gap Nacoochee School is another academic institution that recently joined hands with us. Starting life as a farm school, its garden is a connection to the past and future of sustainable agriculture. It is also a place for students to learn about growing food and flowers, and the science behind it. 

With the goal to create a food sharing hub for the local community, 2 17" Tall 10 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits donated by Vego Garden will be used to expand their garden so they could grow more and experiment with new plants.

The Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction is a private special education day school for students with autism spectrum disorders. The school is committed to help students develop life skills, with vocational programs offering learning of independent skills as they reach adulthood.

Vego’s garden beds were used to help create an edible garden at the school, with a student-run cafe offering fresh vegetables. It will also host gardening classes to teach students responsibility, science, healthy eating, and more.

We also supported the work of the Suncoast Science Center/ Faulhaber Fab Lab, an NGO dedicated to promoting STEAM education for individuals of all ages within the community. They focus on educational programs for children from second grade to eighth grade, and built a community garden - offering an enhanced curriculum with hands-on learning opportunities. 

With the help of Vego Garden beds, it will serve as a living classroom, where children can engage in botany and gardening activities. 

Joint Efforts for Social Change 

Religious community Missio Dei is located in a historically underserved neighborhood on the west side of Salt Lake City. Their little corner of the neighborhood is a wonderful community, but lacks green spaces and is a food desert. 

Vego Garden donated 5 17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits to help turn the property into a community garden - serving the community by providing healthy food, a garden, and accessible green spaces. 

We helped non-profit organization Options, Inc. create an outdoor space with wheelchair-accessible, flower-lined walking paths, and plenty of greenery. The group is approaching their 45th anniversary - as they continue to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. Three 17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits were donated by Vego Garden to add planters to the space, as well as for gardening education. 

Finally, we partnered with the Children's Cooperative Play School, a family-oriented half-day preschool dedicated to providing high-quality child care, and to create a nurturing first school experience for children. The school’s low-grade hill by their non-profit cooperative school is experiencing erosion. 

We donated 5 17" Tall 9 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits to the school, which will be placed in the area to prevent further erosion and to provide a space for native pollinators. Students will be encouraged to care for the gardens, learning the importance of protecting the environment in the process. 

Our Pledge to Empower Communities 

With a staunch commitment to empower local communities and serve those in need,Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program has stayed on course to sow the seeds of change. The program’s progress and notable results represent our ongoing pledge to give back, as a company focused on gardening for the common good. 

As we enter the vibrant summer season, we look forward to more fruitful partnerships and contributing to more meaningful social initiatives this year. Through our dedicated efforts, we will strive to elevate our work with notable community groups and partners, and strengthen our commitment to corporate social responsibility.