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Vego Garden's Modular Raised Garden Beds

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Vego garden beds

Why Choose Vego Garden?

Easy on Your Garden, and Your Wallet

  • Vego Garden raised beds last years longer than wooden beds.
  • Save big on filling your garden beds with the Hugelkultur Method.
  • Reduce your grocery bill growing produce at home.

Modular & Customizable For Your Dream Garden

  • Versatile designs perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Flexible configurations for easy assembly.
  • Adaptable for all landscapes.

Built to Last & 100% Nontoxic

  • Quality-tested at the Texas A&M National Corrosion & Materials Reliability Lab.
  • Go green with Vego's 100% eco-friendly garden beds built from non-toxic metal.
  • Safe for people and pets, with non-toxic USDA-approved paint..

Useful Add Ons to Complete Your Garden

  • Trellises, covers, and more upgrades to seriously level-up your garden.
  • Coordinating Add Ons for support no matter what you grow.
  • Simplify gardening with innovative, flexible Add Ons.
Vego's Arched Trellis gives your plants the support they need to reach new heights. Shop Now
Turn organic waste into the best nutrition for thriving gardens, with Vego's Worm Composter. Shop Now
Solar-powered to keep your garden lit all night, for an elegant nighttime ambience. Shop Now
Let your plants climb for maximum growth, while creating amazing garden displays. Shop Now
Provide your plants all-around pest-proof protection with Vego Garden's Cover System. Shop Now