2022 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it's time to start thinking about gift giving. We're here to help with some ideas that will delight your gardening friends and family!

Raised Garden Bed

If you're considering gifting a raised garden bed this holiday season, you're in the right place. Our Vego Garden Modular Raised Garden Bed is the perfect gift for any gardener as it is able to be customized to meet their unique needs and tastes. For example, some gardeners may prefer a taller and narrower bed, while others may prefer a shorter, more square-shaped one. The possibilities are endless!

17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit


The classic of the classics, this is the first raised garden bed kit we launched. The 3.5' x 6.5' and 2' x 8' configurations are among the most iconic designs for anyone who is new to garden beds. The height is also great for easy, quick access when gardening and assists in keeping slugs and pests at a minimum too. Great for growing herbs, succulents, veggies, or flowers.…

Vego Graden | 17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit Pearl White

Garden Bed Wall Trellis

A trellis is a structure that supports climbing plants, so you can grow vegetables and flowers along it. It's a great gift for anyone who may tend to have vines and plants spilling over the edge of their garden bed!

Wall Trellis System


Description: Garden trellises allow you to extend your growing space, and expand into vertical gardening. Vego Garden’s Modular Metal Garden Wall Trellises are perfect for climbing plants, runners, vines, and ivy, and will provide support for your plants to grow to new heights, even with limited space. Vertical gardening with the Modular Wall Trellis will help to broaden your growing space by training plants upwards, providing additional space for more plants in your Vego Garden metal raised beds, and it will add a lovely bac…

VWT50 - Triple Section 5.0' long for 2' x 5' or 3.5' x 5' or 5' x 5' Garden Beds

Garden Bag

A garden bag is the perfect gift for anyone who may need a little help organizing their tools or a few extra hands to hold them. The best part is that they are incredibly versatile, and one can use them practically anywhere - not just in the garden! Whether you're working with a small space or a big one, a garden bag is sure to make your experience more efficient and organized!

Garden bags also make great gifts because they're so easy to clean. Just throw them in the washing machine with your other dirty laundry and they'll look like new again in no time at all!

Round Raised Garden Bed

Round raised garden beds are a great gift for someone who has limited space. These raised beds are all-around easier to place than traditional rectangular garden boxes due to their more condensed size. You can plant multiple crops in each round raised bed, and they’re perfect for growing vegetables or fruits like tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and more. Round raised beds are also easier to move around because of their shape—no need for heavy lifting!

32" Extra Tall 42" Wide Round Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit


Featuring an elegant round design, the extra tall 42" round bed is the perfect addition to your backyard garden. …

Vego Garden | 32" Extra Tall 42" Wide Round Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit | Pearl White

In-Ground Worm Composter Bin

If you've got a gardener in your life who loves reusing organic material, they will love this worm composter bin! The compost bin is a great way to help them reduce their waste and keep their garden looking great at the same time.

This worm composter can be buried within a garden bed and will allow easy access for when it's time to add materials. It's as easy as tossing your kitchen scraps into the bin every night after dinner!

Gift giving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We hope this guide has given you some ideas for gifts that are practical and fun. When choosing a gift for someone special in your life, remember: first, think about what kind of person they are; second, consider what hobbies or interests they have; thirdly (and most importantly), choose something that reflects their personality! After all, holidays are about celebrating what makes each individual unique—and showing how much we care about them as well.

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