6 Easiest Seeds to Grow in a Pot

So, you want to bring life into your limited space but don't know how to begin?

We've put together six types of seeds that grow great in pots and planters with a sunny spot. With the right seeds and a little TLC, you can create a beautiful and bountiful garden right on your balcony or windowsill.

Before we move forward with the easiest seeds to grow in pots and planters, it's important to set up your plants for success by providing your plants with the best growing conditions. Vego Garden has three planters designed to make growing your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers easy.


The Self-Watering Rolling Tomato Planter Pot has a built-in trellis to provide support for your tomato plants as they grow, and a self-watering feature to keep them hydrated.

The Self-Watering Herb Planter Box with Trellis and the Self-Watering Mini Planter Pot with Trellis both provide support as your plants grow, while the self-watering feature takes the guesswork out of watering, giving you the best results with minimal effort. Emphasis on "minimal effort" because aren't we all busy taking care of a thousand things at once. It's just nice to be able to take the responsibility of a living organism off our shoulders yet still reap the rewards!

Now is time to discover six of the easiest seeds to grow in pots and planters, perfect for your indoor garden!


These iconic blooms are not only beautiful but also incredibly easy to grow. Sunflowers thrive in full sun, making them perfect for that sunny windowsill or balcony.

These resilient plants thrive in various soil types and require minimal maintenance as they are drought-tolerant and need little water once past the growing stages. Additionally, sunflower seeds are relatively large and easy to handle, making them perfect for direct sowing into the soil.

Once planted, sunflowers germinate quickly, often sprouting within a week under optimal conditions. Overall, their hardy nature, minimal requirements, and stunning beauty make sunflowers one of the easiest and most rewarding plants to grow in any garden.

Sweet alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a gardener's dream when it comes to easy-to-grow flowers. These delicate blooms are perfect for small pots and containers because they bloom profusely and for a long time.

Sweet alyssum thrives in a variety of conditions, including full sun to partial shade, whether planted in small pots on a sunny windowsill or directly in a garden bed.

Their small seeds germinate readily, and once established, they require minimal maintenance. Sweet alyssum quickly forms dense mats of fragrant flowers and are avid pollinators, attracting hummingbirds to your windowsill.

Another plus is that they self-seed, promising beautiful blooms year after year with little to no effort.


These hardy annual flowers are a favorite because they have pest-repelling properties, have minimal maintenance and thrive in full sun to partial shade, which means any spot in the house will do.

They are relatively unfussy about soil quality, tolerating both poor and rich soils with ease. Marigold seeds have a high germination rate, giving them a strong start in your pots or garden beds.

Once established, marigolds need regular watering and occasional deadheading to promote blooming during their growing season.


Chives are among the easiest herbs to grow in garden beds and planters. These hardy perennials are incredibly forgiving, making them the perfect addition to any garden.

Chives prefer well-drained soil and a sunny spot, but they can also tolerate partial shade and long periods of drought once established. Their seeds germinate quickly, and from there, you can harvest fresh chives periodically.

With minimal maintenance and a little TLC, you can enjoy a continuous harvest of chives year after year!


For those craving fresh, homegrown greens, pick spinach. These cool-season leafy greens grow great in pots and planters.

Spinach seeds are easy to sow directly into soil or seed-starting trays. Once planted, spinach germinates within 7 to 14 days and has a long growing season which means a long harvesting season.

Spinach plants are relatively low-maintenance, requiring only regular watering and occasional fertilization to thrive. With proper care, you can enjoy a continuous harvest of fresh, nutrient-rich spinach leaves. As a side note, kale and lettuce are other leafy greens that are easy to grow in pots and planters.


No garden is complete without tomatoes, and luckily, they're quite easy to grow in small containers, pots and planters.

Choose compact varieties suited for container gardening, such as cherry or patio tomatoes, and sow the seeds directly into the soil or start seeds indoors in seedling trays depending on your weather conditions.

Provide them plenty of sunlight and water, and you'll be enjoying a bountiful harvest of juicy tomatoes all season long!

Final thoughts

Make a plan, designate space for your new planters, drive to your favorite seed shop - or start with seedlings - and pick out your seeds to kickstart your very own indoor garden!



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