7 Tips For Successful Raised Bed Gardening

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Raised bed gardening is considered to be a great way to grow vegetables particularly if the native soil is poor, trampled, has pitiable drainage, and/or there's no meandering over to pull weeds or harvest vegetables.

The raised bed has long been a must among garden professionals. Lately, leisure pursuit gardeners have also unearthed the advantages this practical kitchen or balcony garden brings. It provides a back-friendly working position and the best possible growth and harvesting situations. If you are already persuaded of a raised bed, then these professional tips are just right for you.

7 Tips For Successful Raised Bed Gardening | Vego Garden

Useful Tips for Raised Bed Gardening

      • The right location for the raised bed can be selected for aesthetic reasons. It is important to keep in mind that cucumbers and zucchini need a somewhat wind-protected place in the garden in comparison to tomatoes and peppers that are not as sensitive.
      • When plants are cultivated under foil or glass, the heated and damp air offers faster and earlier growth. This is not only essential in the spring, but also for continuous breeding during the year and this way you can repeatedly reap a harvest. 
      • Most of the plants sprout and grow better and more evenly, generate higher yields and are ready to be harvested extensively earlier than those growing on the ground. 
      • On the common compost, with which you have filled the raised bed, now follows a layer of normal garden soil. It is vital to fill the raised bed to simply below the edge. The compost routinely enriches the soil with pivotal nutrients so you can gently pat the layer.
      • Choosing metal raised garden beds with modular design will dramatically reduce the setup and maintenance effort. Plus it will last longer and won’t have chemical leaching problems as in using treated wood material. Vego Garden's metal raised garden beds are all modular designs. It gives you the ability to customize the shape and size to fit any space. Check out our collections at: https://vegogarden.com/collections/all.
7 Tips For Successful Raised Bed Gardening | Vego Garden
      • When it comes to correctly filling the raised garden bed, only suggestions can be made since it all comes down to the materials available to you. 
      • In the spring or autumn, people can wrap bubble foil in the region of the raised bed. This keeps the heat and promotes the decomposition, consequently the heating of the soil, so you can propagate earlier or harvest longer. 

All the beds mostly start from 6 feet long and three feet wide. The plants grow well, and you can plant at least two rows across. If you want to have a beautiful and productive garden, definitely you can give raised beds a try.

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