Are Vego Garden Beds A Good Investment? Here's What You Can Save!

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

In case you haven’t yet heard, raised garden beds come with a plethora of benefits - especially our very own Vego Garden Raised Garden Beds! They make it easier for you to reach into the soil and tend to your plants, plus they allow for better water drainage than a traditional lawn bed or ground-level garden plot. They are also incredibly easy to maintain: just add compost every couple of months and voilà! And best of all? Our Vego Garden Raised Garden Beds save you money by allowing you to grow food at home rather than having to buy groceries from the store. Keep on reading to learn about the cost benefits of growing your own vegetation in our Vego Garden Raised Garden Beds!

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How much does it cost to grow your own produce?

Getting started with growing your own produce is one of the best ways to easily cut down on your long-term expenses. First, you will need to set up your garden bed! Our Vego Garden Raised Garden Beds are made from a durable steel substrate coated in Zinc, Aluminum, & Magnesium - a combination that will last you for over 20 years! That means that our 17” 9-Way Garden Bed Kits priced at $199.95 are truly affordable, averaging roughly $10 per year over those 20 years!

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In addition to the garden bed itself, you will also need soil! By filling the bed using the hugelkultur method, you will need to use far less soil, and you’ll be repurposing yard waste for free. High quality raised bed soil for the top layer of your bed will cost roughly $30, and will last you over 20 years of growing. On average, that’s just $1.50 per year. Finally, the only remaining costs of growing your own garden are water (under $5 per year) and of course, seeds! The cost of seeds will vary depending on the vegetable and how much you want to grow, but on average, seeds will roughly cost you $5 per year. In total growing your own garden veggies will cost you under $20 per year! (You can cut costs even more by saving and propagating the seeds leftover from produce you consume!)

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How much money can you save by growing your own food?

So, how much can you save when you opt out of store-bought produce? The answer is… a lot!

First, the cost of fresh produce can be very high. For example, the average price for a pound of tomatoes is $3.07. If you buy 2 pounds every week and eat them in salads or pasta sauce, that’s $6 per week—$25 per month—and that's only one vegetable! Once you include other common items like cucumbers, beans, and broccoli (which are just as expensive), it’s easy to see how quickly your grocery bill adds up. On average, a yearly bill for a common collection of store-bought vegetables costs $400 and up. So, by growing your own produce, you are saving at least $380 per year!

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Why choose Vego Garden over other garden bed options?

Typically, most garden beds are made from a lower-quality steel material that will commonly last for 5-6 years before needing replacement. Alternatively, another common garden bed material is wood, which similarly lasts 5-6 years before beginning to decompose from natural causes.

Our Vego Garden Raised Beds are made with VZ 2.0, a specialized material that combines a steel substrate with an Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium coating, plus durable USDA-certified paint developed for the agriculture industry.This combination of durable materials helps our beds to last over 20 years! That’s right folks, this makes Vego Garden one of the most long-lasting raised garden beds on the market! This durability helps to make the price of your raised garden bed lessen with each year that goes by.

So, is it worth it?

When it comes to growing your own vegetables, there are plenty of benefits - and biggest of all, cost! While the initial upfront price of starting your own garden may seem daunting, remember it's an investment - these prices will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of 20+ years compared to purchasing your produce at the grocery store. Still have questions? Get in touch with us and let us help you decide what the best garden setup is for you!

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