Best Vegetables to Start Indoors for Early Spring Harvest

A new year has begun for gardeners, and apart from preparing for your typical vegetable garden, it’s also the perfect time to start growing some new plants indoors, too.

Ahead of the usual growing season, you can get a head-start on gardening this year with some new indoor plants - especially warm season vegetables like peppers or tomatoes. 

Growing indoors first is also a tactic that is suited to conditions in regions like the Midwest, where there are fewer growing days for garden plants. Planting indoors can give you a few more weeks of growing time, while starting seeds indoors also lets you grow extra crops in spring before stifling hot weather kicks in.

Some of the most popular vegetables like broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts are usually started indoors. These veggies require more time and effort to grow well, and planting them indoors can set them on the right path. Some gardeners will also start cool season crops like squashes and lettuce indoors for a better harvest. Here are some popular options to make a start on indoor gardening. 


Peppers are one of the best vegetables to start indoors right now | Vego Garden

Peppers are a staple of many culinary favorites, and fall into the category of vegetables that grow well in warmer climates. An ideal time to start seed is during spring or summer. Frost and the cold weather can cause damage to your pepper plants, so start growing them indoors and wait until the cold seasons pass to transplant them outside. 


Fresh and colorful lettuces can be started indoors right now |Vego Garden

Lettuces are versatile and the staple ingredient of most salads. For this reason alone, you should try starting a variety of lettuces indoors, while they are also ideal for transplanting to your garden later, as they can grow well in lower temperatures as well. Consider starting in early to late spring, and you can look forward to a steady supply for all your favorite salads in no time. 


Get those eggplants started inside so you have a healthy crop this spring | Vego Garden

With its distinct purple appearance, the eggplant can grow well indoors, and can be transplanted outdoors in the latter part of its long growing season. For seed starting, you should ideally be sowing your eggplant seeds seven to ten weeks before transplanting. You should move your eggplants back inside about a month before last frost, into a warmer location for best growing results. 


Get those juicy tomatoes started indoors for a fruitful spring |Vego Garden

Tomatoes are omnipresent in a variety of gardens, and is a favorite among gardeners. This veggie complements most dishes well, with many varieties to choose from. Many gardeners agree that they are a good option for starting indoors, as they can be planted and transplanted with ease without too much maintenance. 


Growing herbs indoors looks good, smells amazing, and tastes delicious | Vego Garden

Most dishes become more tasty and appealing with the addition of herbs. And they are also some of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors, even with a lack of space. Popular herbs like thyme, oregano, and basil can grow fantastically in small spaces, and usually look great with your home decorations as well. 


Get those crunchy cucumbers ready for spring by starting growing them inside | Vego Garden

Your salads always taste fresher with cucumbers, and adding them will make any meal more refreshing and tangy. They are also low-maintenance and ideal for growing indoors. Start planting early, give them a space with plenty of sunshine -  and you’ll gain harvests of crunchy and delectable cucumber plants to enjoy after spring.  

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