Add Some Garden Fun to your Easter Holiday

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Add Some Gardening Fun to your Easter Holiday | Vego Garden


Easter is a festive day full of feasting and joy. Following the end of winter and the advent of spring, it is a day of new beginnings and renewals. Whether celebrated religiously or commercially, people around the world celebrate by eating good food and spending time with friends and family. Popular activities include baking treats, playing games, and decorating eggs. I am sure we all remember the thrill of hunting down colorful plastic eggs alongside a dozen other kids. Beside the standard activities, many people also find Easter a good time to start or tend to their gardens. Gardening is a perfect activity for Easter and helps you make the most out of the beautiful spring weather.

Get creative by having a garden-to-table Easter feast where guests can enjoy seasonal foods that are straight from your garden. While there are many ways to garden, the concept of raised garden beds has recently become popular among garden enthusiasts of all skill levels. We recommend purchasing raised garden bed kits to create a fun, memorable experience that is accessible to everyone in the family. Work in the garden with your oldest and youngest family members with no stress! Designed to be long-lasting and durable, metal raised garden beds are a great choice for those seeking a permanent option. Raised garden beds have many benefits including pest deterrence, optimal drainage, and improved soil aeration. In addition, the raised sides of the bed prevent garden soil from washing away or eroding during heavy rains. 

Plan your Easter Garden

Regardless of your region or type of residence, you can plant a wide variety of produce for Easter this year or next. Developing your Easter garden will require some planning beforehand. The first step is to discover when Easter falls in the year. The simplest approach is by googling Easter and the current year.

After you find out the date, decide when to plant your raised beds based on each plant’s requirements and time until maturity. Sometimes, this date of planting occurs sooner than you think, which requires the use of additions such as cold frames, frost covers, and greenhouses. Popular crops to plant include greens, root vegetables, peas, potatoes, beets and carrots of course! 

This is also a great time to think about activities for the kids. Let them help you sow the seeds, plant the seedlings, and teach them how these will grow and be the food on your plates within just a few weeks. Get them excited about harvesting vegetables for the Easter meal they will share with friends and family. 

Fun Activities for Kids during Easter

A day symbolizing new beginnings, Easter is a great time to involve kids in experiential learning and introduce them to gardening. Gardening is a fun, fulfilling way to teach kids about the wonders of the natural world and help them develop useful qualities such as responsibility and patience. Moreover, gardening can motivate them to practice a healthy lifestyle by incorporating fruits and vegetables into their diet. Below are a few gardening activities to try during Easter weekend.

Add Some Gardening Fun to your Easter Holiday | Vego Garden


1. Easy Planting Projects 

For beginners, it is recommended that you start with simple planting projects. Kids will be excited to watch their own plants grow from seeds. To begin, purchase basic, lightweight tools such as seeds, garden bags, shovels, and trays. After you have gathered your supplies, guide your kids on how to sow them. There are many easy-to-grow plants to consider, including calendula, salad leaves, pansies, and sweet peas. Grow them on the window sill and watch them develop indoors before transferring them outside. Keep the soil lightly moist rather than soaked through.

Letting your kids select a container and color of their choice will make them more excited about the process, as they will have unique planters to grow their greens in. Tin cans, egg boxes, old mugs, and many similar materials can be repurposed. A hack is to use egg cartons as seedling trays after you have finished decorating your eggs; you can then easily have multiple rows of seeds starting at once!

If your kids are older, consider letting them tend to a small plot of land or bed in the backyard. By giving your kids a special plot of plants that is small, manageable, and personal, you instill a sense of responsibility and ownership. Ask them to plant and water it daily. For added fun, grow some visually interesting plants such as black tomatoes, sunflowers, and pineberries.


2. Make a Pollinator Garden

If you are not into egg hunting or the tediousness of growing your own food, try creating a pollinator garden instead! Pollinator gardens are small gardens that are made to attract bees and butterflies and other various pollinator insects. A pollinator garden is a great way to educate kids about the cycle of nature and the big role of these little creatures in our ecosystems. 

  • Supplies needed include: a planter or raised bed, native pollinator-friendly seeds for planting, and a shallow bowl/dish
  • Sow the seeds into their final location or start them indoors before planting the seedlings into the planter or bed. 
  • Fill the dish with soil, sand, and water. This will create a pudding dish for the butterflies and bees to land on and hydrate. Check this article out for more information: Hydration for pollinators 
  • Decorate the garden area and water beautiful butterflies and bees happily enjoy the refreshments!  

3. Have a Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Having an Easter egg hunt in the garden is another fun way for kids to get involved, especially the younger ones. Hide some eggs among the rows of vegetables and let the kids explore. Add a little more fun in it by adding garden related hints to help them locate each egg. Burying eggs in a kids garden bed and having them dig into the soil will be fun for the kids, I mean what kid doesn’t love to play in some dirt, but also allow you to start planting for the next season. The kids can have their own small garden that they got to dig up and plant in.

Add Some Gardening Fun to your Easter Holiday | Vego Garden

Why Vego Garden Raised Garden Bed Kits?

Raised garden beds have been on the rise in recent years. A popular choice for gardeners for many reasons, raised garden beds are used to create a wide, deep area for growing, which encourages the roots of plants to extend outwards and downwards. They also deter pests like slugs away from your plants and provide good drainage, leading to a more plentiful yield. People who are into crafting and have DIY experience can purchase raised garden bed kits and enjoy the fun of assembling them and designing a beautiful garden space. 

The Small Shapes collection is the recommended choice for kids. All our metal raised garden beds have rolled edges and no sharp corners, making them kid-friendly. Vego products are long-lasting, premium quality, cost-efficient, and most of all they are very attractive! A Spring Easter garden in our pearl white or olive green garden beds will make a bold Spring time color statement.

Enjoy Springtime with your Family

Celebrate Easter with your friends and family by incorporating both classic traditions and new ideas. There are multiple ways to have fun, from planning an Easter garden to serving food grown fresh from your garden. Plan some fun gardening activities with your kids to help them build soft skills and teach them valuable life lessons to make your Easter truly meaningful.

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