DIY Garden Design: Crafting Your Outdoor Oasis Step-by-Step

One of Egypt’s best kept secrets is the Faiyum Oasis, a stretch of oasis dominated by a basin of turquoise blue water and dotted with lush palm trees.

In ancient times it was the cult center for Sobek, a crocodile god of the old Egyptian pantheon. 

Just like oases of the natural world, an outdoor garden oasis should function similarly: as a respite from work, and as a bastion of calm that helps man become more in tune with the natural world. 

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If you’ve been eyeing the desolated patch of grass and find yourself wistful on what could have been, then it’s time to start building or updating your outdoor space.

Whether you decide to splurge or work from a limited budget, there are several basic DIY tips that can transform a barren spot into a backyard oasis. Not only can a glamorous yard increase your home value should you sell it, but it can alleviate stress and improve mental health.

Install a deck or patio space

We’ve all known the neighbor that spends thousands of dollars on a deck installment, only to rarely use it at all. A well-designed pergola or deck can certainly be alluring, but how often does reality hold up to expectations?

To prevent this tragedy from happening, you should carefully evaluate several factors before you decide to install an outdoor structure, such as climate, cost, strength and durability. 

Those living in a cold climate will probably want to focus less on elaborate, seasonal structures such as pools and pergolas, and more on a steadfast patio.

Even a small rectangular patio can be spruced up to create an inviting home space. If you adore the refined nature of pergolas, but don’t have the budget or time to perform something of that magnitude, then a good alternative is an arched trellis system.

These modularly designed configurations can be arranged to create visually stunning walkways and displays where elegant vines hang overhead. The best part is that removal is a breeze - painless, guilt-free, and quick. 

Rebrand your garden with intriguing garden themes 

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A lack of discipline and messiness are not good character traits in humans.

In nature, messiness is debatable, as less-organized gardens do survive and thrive. Yet, there is a method to the madness, and many times, there is a cogent theme that ties it all together.

From a low-maintenance native garden to an eye-catching tropical display of exotic plants, many gardeners will cultivate a specific theme that resonates with their tastes and preferences. A carefully planned theme, along with a compatible color scheme, can drastically impact your garden aesthetics. 

Vegetable garden: Today’s gardeners draw upon the established tradition of vegetable gardening to gain a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency. Raised beds are a great way to add a fashionable element. From the neatly delineated potager gardens to simple vegetable beds, these sleek raised planters can substantially elevate your garden style. 

Relaxation garden: If your garden is characterized primarily by relaxation, then focus on a more muted color palette with earthy tones and fragrant plants, which can lend a therapeutic atmosphere. Bohemian and eastern-inspired décor can also help foster a carefree spirit. 

Pollinator garden: A pollinator garden attracts bees, butterflies, and other insects that play a crucial role in ecological diversity. Many tutorials require you to uproot native turf grass, but with raised garden beds, this is rendered unnecessary. 

Include outdoor lighting

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As the sun goes down, night-blooming flowers come out to play, and the darkening sky takes on a magical atmosphere. With outdoor lighting, you can enjoy the ambience of the evening. Well-designed lighting can provide a sense of relaxation for outdoor gatherings. Solar lights, which are cost-efficient, are great for illuminating paths between garden beds. 

Add enchanting water features 

Introducing a water feature can be very beneficial for wildlife, if done right. They can attract salamanders, frogs, and other amphibious creatures. Just hearing the trickle of water has far-reaching psychological effects, and a pond can serve as a source of solace and serenity. Intended for those willing to spend more, the best built water features merge simplicity with elegance, similar to the koi ponds of imperial gardens. Otherwise, amateur built ones may seem out of place and can easily become mosquito magnets. 

Plant a tropical-themed garden  

One of the most opulent displays is a tropical garden. Characterized by tall, leafy fronds and vibrant flowers, a tropical garden features dramatic, architectural foliage that explodes in bright profusion. Contrary to popular belief, not all flowers need to have a tropical origin, only a tropical feel. Many drought-tolerant plants such as the hardy yucca can add height and textural interest; the flamboyant dahlia injects color into a monochrome yard. 

If you find your budget stretched or that you live in an unforgiving climate, then a tropical container garden can be a great alternative. These rolling planters will allow you to display a grouping of exotic plants during the summer, when they are at their height, and wheel them in during the winter.  

Create an outdoor dining area 

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Food is one of the most salient ways in which humanity bonds; to further this connection, transform your backyard into a beautiful backdrop to enjoy meals. A BBQ grill or wood oven is nice, but take advantage of the location to reap the benefits of fresh vegetables straight from the garden. It can be as easy as positioning a couple of garden beds near a patio and rearranging some chairs around a table. To reduce plastic waste, forego paper cups and plates, and opt to serve your dishes in this sustainable serving bowl

Introduce shade to your garden   

In the peak of summer, critters scutter towards dark crevices for shade, and plants languish in the scorching sun. To stave off heat, an umbrella or retractable pergola may be needed. Green plants can also provide shade, especially strategically placed trellises – for a fraction of the price. Vining plants can be trained upward to form an enclosed space for additional privacy. 


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