Garden Bed Configurations - Some Creative Options

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

With continued developments in gardening systems and innovations, modular garden beds stand out as they enable home gardeners to create multiple configurations for growing a variety of plants in a single unit. 

Vego Garden’s 6-in-1, 9-in-1, and 10-in-1 garden bed names refer to the customizable garden systems that allows for many creative configurations. Some of these creative configurations may also include various combinations of raised beds, trellises, watering or lighting systems, as well as other add-ons designed to maximize garden space and functionality.

Modular Garden Bed Options 

For smaller to mid-sized gardens, 6-in-1 and 9-in-1 garden beds are becoming popular options. 

6-in-1 garden beds, as the name suggests, can be assembled into one of six different configurations. Garden beds and panels can also be customized to include add ons such as trellises, composters and so on.

A 9-in-1 garden bed expands on this concept with even more creative possibilities. With additional panels, it allows for further customization and personal touches in how you arrange your garden. This can be helpful especially for gardeners with specific needs or those who want to experiment with different layouts while still keeping their garden space relatively compact. 

If you have a rather large garden, the 10-in-1 modular garden bed kit may be the ideal option. With 10 configurations and design options to choose from, you can truly build a comprehensive garden with some very creative add ons, achieving the maximum level of versatility and adaptability. For more creative configurations, the following are some common components you might want to include. 

Raised Garden Beds 


The most basic configuration is typically dividing the garden bed area into separate raised sections. Each section can be used for growing different veggies or flowers, for more organization and to make your garden easily manageable. 


Trellises are incorporated into many modular garden beds, as they can be easily attached to the sides or back of beds. Trellis systems offer support for vertical gardening or space for climbing plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, beans or peas, maximizing your harvest in a limited space.

Composting Section


You may consider adding a dedicated section for composting in your modular garden bed system. Composting encourages healthy plant growth and lets you conveniently recycle kitchen and garden waste, turning them into nutrition for your plants and soil.

Additional Add Ons 

Some gardeners include further add-ons to their modular garden beds, such as cover systems or attachments that offer additional protection to their plants. These types of garden configuration help prevent pest and animal damage to facilitate optimal growth of crops.

Vertical Planters

Some modular garden beds also incorporate vertical planter attachments that are usually added to the sides of garden beds. They provide additional space for smaller plants like lettuce, onions or herbs to grow, maximizing your overall yield. 

Determining which is better among the three options depends on your specific requirements, available space, and gardening goals. Apart from your specific gardening requirements, factors such as material, construction, ease of assembly are essential to consider before deciding on the best garden bed for you. 

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