Garden-Themed Gift Baskets for Mother's Day

If you do an online search for “Mother’s Day” images, you’ll see that nearly all the results include flowers. It makes sense: Flower bouquets are practically synonymous with Mother’s Day. 

But what if your mom (or other mothers in your life) gets just as excited about growing flowers as she does about receiving them? What if the garden is one of her all-time favorite places to spend time?

In that case, a garden-themed gift basket might be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. She’ll be receiving items she can use and enjoy — and the fact that you took time to find things tied to her passion will make the gifts even more meaningful.

Intrigued? We have some ideas for your basket.

Seed packets or seedlings

Think about adding an eclectic mix of packets including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. But this aspect of your gift will take some extra effort. You’ll need to research which plants would do well in your mom’s region. If she lives in a hot, dry area, for example, flowers that need a lot of moisture might struggle. A local garden supply store or nursery can provide guidance, or you can find information online. Want to go a step further? Find out if your mom’s garden gets full sun or some shade and factor that into your choices, too.

Another thoughtful possibility? Heirloom seeds. These seeds, having been passed down through generations and come with rich histories. Gifting them shows respect for heritage and tradition, which ties in with the family connections we celebrate on Mother’s Day. Plus, heirloom varieties are known for their unique flavors, colors, and shapes. They add a personal touch to gardening and would give your mom an opportunity to grow something out of the ordinary.

Gardening tools

Gardening tools and accessories are the unsung heroes of a thriving garden, and a thoughtfully chosen set could help make your mom’s life easier. Possibilities to include are:

Trowel: This tool is used for digging, planting, and weeding. Find one with a comfortable grip and a sturdy handle.

Pruning shears: Good shears allow gardeners to make the precise cuts that shape their plants and encourage new growth. Opt for a pair with razor-sharp edges and a comfortable handle.

Hand rake: This tool is helpful for clearing leaves, spreading mulch, and fluffing the soil. A rake with an ergonomic design can reduce strain.

Look for tools with handles in your mom’s favorite color or with decorative touches that reflect her personal style, maybe floral patterns or vintage designs. 

You could also include a kneeling pad and gloves for comfort and protection.

Decorative plant markers

These can be cute and functional. Are there motifs your mom loves, possibly butterflies or elegant script? Choose markers that echo these themes. Or you can go for a rustic look with wood or a sleek, modern touch with metal.

Some markers can be personalized — engraved with the names of the plants or a short, sweet message from you to her. Or you can work in your mom’s name. Think “Mom’s Marigolds” or “Susan’s Sage.”

For a more interactive gift, you could include a set of blank markers and paint pens, so your mother can indulge in a little creative time and label her garden herself. It’s both a gift and an activity she can enjoy.

Seed-starter kit

A seed starter kit is a bundle of potential, a gift that’s both practical and offers gardeners a sense of anticipation.

The kit will include the tools and materials needed to grow plants from seeds, including seed trays, soil or soil substitute, labels, and seeds. Some include grow lights, too.

Here are some more possibilities for your mom’s gift basket:

Gardening books or journals: Include a book on gardening tips or a journal where your mom can keep notes about what she’s planted, how her plants are doing, lessoned learned, and other reflections.

Watering can spray bottle: A beautifully designed watering can or a practical spray bottle for misting plants could be very useful.

Garden decor: Items like wind chimes, a decorative bird feeder, or a small statue would add personality to your mom’s garden space.

Personalized items: Try adding a personalized touch like a custom-engraved garden tool set, a sign like “Suzanne’s Space,” or a stepping-stone with a family name or message.

A sun hat: Protect your mom from the sun with a stylish sun hat with a wide brim.

Decorative pots or planters: Add a touch of style to your mom's garden with a pretty pot or planter. Again, look for choices that match her tastes.

Relaxation kit: Include a subscription to a gardening magazine, a jar of calming lavender hand lotion, a package of gourmet tea or lemonade mix for enjoying after gardening, or a gift certificate for a massage to ease sore muscles.

Creative container

As for the container that holds the goodies you collect for your mom, you can go with a basket or gift bag — or even better, you can make the container part of your gift. Think about arranging your mom’s gardening items in an attractive pot or a cute little planter. Your mom will love the creativity — and the planter.

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