Introducing the Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

As one of the most innovative companies in the gardening industry, Vego Garden consistently offers groundbreaking products that elevate our customers’ gardening, allowing for the most hassle-free and convenient experiences. 

With our mission of helping customers build the best gardens possible with minimal effort, we are proud to introduce the new Self-Watering Garden Bed officially launched via the Vego Garden website  on May 4th.

Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening

Effortless Gardening Made Easy 

Committed to improving the quality of home gardening, Vego Garden aims to help consumers grow thriving plants with ease - now via the innovative Self-Watering Garden Bed. 

As the ideal companion to our various customizable garden beds, this raised bed comes with a wicking cell system that closes the bottom and acts as the base of the bed. The self-sustaining system distributes just the right amount of moisture to your plants, saving you the hassle of having to water frequently. 

Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening

Water Less, Grow More 

The centerpiece of this unique garden bed is a 3.5" tall, self-watering, wicking cell at the bottom. This mechanism acts as a reservoir, collecting excess water over time. With plants and soil filling the top of the wicking cell, the roots of your plants are given room to grow through the slots on the sides of its plugs. 

Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening

When plants are watered, excess moisture is collected through slots into the tray at the bottom of the wicking cell, for plant roots to draw from when needed. This water redistribution system means you can water less often, for greater convenience. 

Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening


The garden bed is also equipped with air pruning strips, allowing the roots of your plants to air prune and preventing oversaturation for healthy growth. This bed is ideal for gardeners with less time to tend to plants and can be conveniently placed on balconies or patios instead of garden soil with its wicking cell foundation. 

A One-of-a-Kind Product 

Complementing Vego’s selection of modular and customized garden beds, it can also be installed easily on multiple non-soil surfaces and is ideal for any outdoor space - adding to the aesthetic design of your home and garden. 

Compared to other garden beds on the market, the wicking cell design of Vego Garden’s Self-Watering Garden Bed is truly one-of-a-kind. It is fitted closely and matches the frame of the bed perfectly, taking into account curved ends, so as to prevent any dirt from being washed away through gaps in the middle. 

Self-Watering Garden Bed for Effortless Gardening

With this new product offering our customers a totally hassle-free experience, the initial feedback from our first users has been highly positive. 

Dedicated to Innovation

Recognized as the leader in gardening innovation, Vego Garden remains committed to creating products that take home gardening to the next level. Thanks to the continued support of our customers and partners, we are able to focus on product innovation and deliver the highest quality service. 

Currently, our new  Self-Watering Garden Bed is the only raised metal bed product equipped with a state-of-the-art wicking cell system and stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence.  


  • Carol Conway

    Can the watering beds be used with 32” high beds. Explain to me how. Thank you.

  • Debra

    Are you able to use the self watering with the 32” high planters?

  • Bingo Hooper

    Invested not invented

  • Bingo Hooper

    Will you sell the wicking cell system separately for the ones who have already invented in your raised garden bed.

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