Lessons We've Learned in 2022

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to reflect on the ups and the downs that 2022 brought us. This year came with many changes and surprises, and we've learned so much from our own backyard that it's pretty amazing (and fun!) to reflect on what we've learned so far. Here are some lessons we've learned from our garden this year…

Wildlife loves a good harvest!

This year, many of our crops fell prey to deer. We've been trying to figure out how to protect our plants from these hungry creatures, but so far nothing has worked for long. Aside from the loss of a few crops, this reminded us that everything in nature needs to eat, and to make the best of what you have, even when it’s not perfect.

That being said, we do have a few tips that could help you protect your garden. First of all, make sure to plant things that are native to your area; this way they can handle the weather conditions and pests better than plants from other parts of the world. Also try planting different crops in different areas of your garden so that if one gets eaten too quickly by deer or rabbits, the others will still be able to grow strong enough for harvest!

Lessons We've Learned in 2022 | Vego Garden

Don’t give up, even when crops don’t go as planned…

This year, we planted lemon balm seedlings that had a few false starts. But even in gardening, there are lots of false starts. Its okay to keep trying, and pivot when something isn't working! One of the best things about growing plants is that you can learn from your mistakes. Even if a plant doesn't grow well, it's important to take notes on what went wrong and make sure not to do it again next year!

There is beauty in the unexpected

One of our favorite plants from this year's garden is Tulsi basil. This plant has proven to be more productive than expected, and we can enjoy its scent and flavor in a variety of foods like salads, sauces, and pestos. It's also a beautiful plant with purple flowers and a bushy habit that makes it an attractive addition to the landscape.

Lessons We've Learned in 2022 | Vego Garden

This reminded us that sometimes new things can surprise you with their usefulness or beauty—that sometimes even if something isn't what you expected it to be when you first saw it, or heard about it, there may still be something worthwhile about it. It reminds us not to judge too quickly based on first impressions alone!

There's always room to grow

We found that there is always room to grow, both literally within our garden and metaphorically, with our strategies, ideas, and patience. This lesson was particularly true as we watched our garden expand and change over the course of these past few months. There is always more to do, more to improve on, and more ways to take care of your plants (and yourself).

What a journey it's been!

It's been a fun, educational and rewarding experience to watch our garden grow from year to year. We've learned quite a bit along the way! Our garden has changed more than we expected it to. We found that there is always room for growth, not to give up, to keep hope, and to try new things. There is always more to do, more to improve on, and more ways to take care of your plants (and yourself).

We are so grateful for all of our readers who have had a part in helping us learn these lessons and we hope that you've enjoyed reading about them as much as we did! We're looking forward to seeing where our garden goes next year, but for now, let's ring in this beautiful new year together!

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