Meet Flower Farmer Sara Rolfsen-Kohn: Garden Zones 6a-7b

Sara Rolfsen-Kohn is a full-time flower farmer in the mountains of Western North Carolina (6a/7b). She grew up despising gardening, but slowly fell in love with it as an adult. 

"Back in January we planted 6,500 tulips on our small flower farm, Freckle Twins' Garden, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina," Sara said. "We used a no till method that I lovingly call the Dump 'n Cover method wherein we outlined the bed space with logs, dumped the tulip bulbs onto the ground by variety, then tucked them in with about 10 inches of aged hardwood bark mulch. We are now harvesting the fruits of our labor and enjoying blocks of color in the field that fill our hearts with so much joy. Tulips (and daffodils) kick off our season with florists and at the farmers market where we sell them by the stem so customers can mix and match to their heart's content."

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