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Raised garden bed kits are the preferred solution for many above ground gardens for various reasons. Raised garden beds offer protection from weeds and pests, provide better ergonomics, and can easily be filled with high quality organic soil to grow a wide variety of flowers, herbs, and food, and that is just the beginning. In addition, they add a classic and beautiful aesthetic to the backyard. The most common types of materials that are used to build raised garden beds are metal and wood.

You might wonder what material would be best to use for your raised garden beds. All things considered, this depends upon your own skills, style, budget, environment, and the materials easily accessible to you. This article discusses the qualities of metal raised garden beds and wooden raised garden beds, and examines attributes you should consider, such as strength and durability. 

A fun and effortless option for your garden layouts, raised garden bed kits are a well-known trend preferred by a number of people. Before moving forward, it is important to understand what a raised garden bed is, what raised garden bed kits are, and which kit is best suited to your needs.

What Are Raised Garden Beds?

Raised garden beds have gained popularity amongst gardeners globally. Raised garden beds, also known as garden boxes, are a great method for growing small plots of flowers and vegetables. Raised bed gardening refers to containers in which the garden soil is encased in a protective barrier typically made of different materials that can be of any length or shape. The soil in the bed is raised above the surrounding ground and thus can be improved and customized with fertilizer, compost, or other soils not typically found in the natural landscape. Raised garden beds deter weeds from overtaking your garden, provide drainage, prevent soil compaction, and serve as a barrier to pests. The garden soil stays safe from erosion and wash out during heavy rain due to the sides of the bed keeping the soil contained. In numerous regions, especially those with longer winters, gardeners who choose raised beds can begin planting prior to the season due to the fact that the soil is better drained and warmer when it is above ground level. 

Raised beds are additionally ideal for more comfortable gardening. By raising the soil level, raised garden beds lessen back strain by eliminating the bending and twisting that occurs when you tend a traditional garden. This is particularly useful for more seasoned gardeners or individuals with joint and back problems. Furthermore, if the beds are fabricated well, the gardener can sit on the edge of the bed while weeding. For certain gardeners, this accessibility is the greatest advantage of all. 

It is important to note that raised beds are not the same as garden planters. Planters are raised containers that have enclosed bottoms to keep the dirt from dropping out. The bottoms are generally slatted, with some sort of semi-penetrable material which allows drainage. By contrast, raised garden beds are bottomless, offering the advantage of allowing plant roots to reach further into the ground and access nutrients.

What Are Raised Garden Bed Kits?

Raised garden bed kits are an all-in-one solution for building  raised garden beds. Whether you are a creative and resourceful person with experience building, or if you are a less experienced person who enjoys an approachable activity, raised garden bed kits are for you. Raised garden bed kits include everything you need to assemble a bed, from the metal pieces to the nails and screws.

Many people prefer  investing in raised garden bed kits as they come with everything you need in one place, and only require you to assemble the pieces into a standing structure, which is a fun and engaging activity especially for those obsessed with gardening. 

If you are looking for high quality metal raised garden bed kits, Vego Garden is your one-stop solution. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes so you can choose the most suitable option for your garden. In addition to rectangular beds, we also have unique, round metal garden bed kits, all available at reasonable prices. Part of what makes our kits more attractive is that the sides, corners, and edging come ready to assemble and all the nails, screws and hardware are packed in the appropriate quantity necessary for successfully assembling the raised bed. 

So, if you think that building the raised garden bed can be costly, complicated, or you do not have all the resources and raw materials to build raised garden beds from scratch, you can easily assemble raised garden bed kits from Vego Garden! Afterwards, you can marvel at the beauty and simplicity of the assembled metal garden beds in your backyards or gardens.

Metal Garden Beds vs. Wood Garden Beds

Raised garden beds were traditionally made with wood – and occasionally – from stone or bricks. However, these days, metal garden beds are often a more suitable alternative for raised beds. While both wood and metals have their advantages, the metal garden bed is an underrated material with a number of benefits that provides a modern look in your garden.

Metal Raised Garden Beds Vs Wood Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden
Before garden renovation from Vego Garden customer
Metal Raised Garden Beds Vs Wood Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden
After garden renovation from Vego Garden customer

Wood Raised Garden Beds

Wood, one of the world's most widespread structural materials, is the most well-known choice for gardeners for a good reason. It is readily available  and quite cheap. While they are not the longest lasting option, wooden raised garden beds can last a few years prior to needing replacement.

Advantages of Wooden Raised Garden Beds

Wood is a widely used material and is very well-known among gardeners. Wooden garden beds offer numerous benefits which makes them suitable for some individuals. The reasons people may prefer  wooden raised garden beds include infinitely customizable options, low prices, and high availability of the material. Additionally, wooden raised garden beds have good thermal properties compared to some other raised bed materials.

Wood is by far one of the cheapest and most readily available raised bed materials, no matter where you are. You can collect wood free of cost from the curbs of neighbors, or by repurposing wooden beds and old furniture. Furthermore, you can also source your own wood from a forested woodlot. However, most gardeners prefer to source their wood from the local hardware store, and woods like pine are very affordable even for a large-sized raised bed garden project. The availability of wood makes it accessible for individuals to build wood raised garden beds. Moreover, wooden beds are easy to customize, and you can have the exact amount of wood required and build your raised garden bed to the exact specifications you choose.

Disadvantages of Treated Wooden Beds

While there are many woods sold for construction purposes, they are not suitable for growing vegetables. Many of those woods contain wood preservatives that are designed to control problems related to wood degradation caused by fungal rot, wood-destroying insects, or sap. As a result, treated wood can cause chemical leaching, which is hazardous to both human health and the environment. These chemicals can also inhibit plant growth.

Metal Raised Garden Beds 

Right now there is a resurgence of interest in metal as a material for raised garden beds, with companies specifically producing metal raised garden bed kits that are easy to assemble, safe to utilize, and longer lasting than wood. Although metal garden beds are a bit pricier at the outset compared to wooden beds, they offer the best long-term solution and value for home gardeners.

Metal Raised Garden Beds Vs Wood Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden
Before garden renovation from Vego Garden customer
Metal Raised Garden Beds Vs Wood Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden
After garden renovation from Vego Garden customer

Advantages of Metal Raised Garden Beds

Wood garden beds and their hardware can rust quickly, making them a subpar option if you are seeking a more permanent, long lasting garden. Specialized metal beds like those offered by Vego Garden feature zinc-covered steel which shields the beds from erosion and rust, making them ideal for any open-air application. Our metal raised garden beds can last for as long as 20 years before needing replacement, and only require minimal maintenance. Our metal raised garden beds are durable, and long-lasting, and will remain free from rust for years to come.  

At Vego Garden, you can choose from a wide range of metal raised garden beds with superior quality, ensuring rust-free metal as well as a seamless process of ordering and delivery. The customer support team is very friendly, knowledgeable and available 7 days a week to assist you. You can shop at your convenience online if you are looking for a metal raised garden bed. We offer raised garden bed kits and modular garden bed systems that are easy to assemble and increase the structural integrity of the raised garden bed.

Raised Garden Bed Kits from Vego Garden

You have a number of options to consider while you plan to invest in a raised garden bed or raised garden bed kits. Based in Houston, Texas, the objective of Vego Garden is to redefine the concept of raised garden beds. Vego Garden’s founding was inspired by the goal of introducing a system of modular garden beds with a design life of over 20 years using eco-friendly metal materials. Beyond just providing the standard raised garden bed kits, the company also offers individual panels to customers so they can uniquely customize their garden space. What differentiates Vego Garden is that our raised beds have rounded corners rather than sharp edges, which makes assembling safe, convenient, and easy. Moreover, at Vego Garden, you will find affordable and long-lasting products that make the process of building a raised garden bed approachable and accessible.

17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit


The classic of the classics, this is the first raised garden bed kit we launched. The 3.5' x 6.5' and 2' x 8' configurations are among the most iconic designs for anyone who is new to garden beds. The height is also great for easy, quick access when gardening and assists in keeping slugs and pests at a minimum too. Great for growing herbs, succulents, veggies, or flowers.…

Vego Graden | 17" Tall 9 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit Pearl White

Bottom Line

Whether you choose a metal raised garden bed or a wooden garden bed, in the end, it depends on your budget, situation, and the style you want to have in your garden. Where some individuals prefer a rustic appearance and decide on a wooden garden bed, a number of people prefer to have an industrial, modern garden or backyard setup and use metal garden beds. Ultimately, it depends on your budget, style and the permanence of your garden.

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