Mexican-Inspired Flowers for the Garden

Cinco de Mayo may be behind us for another year, but you can hold on to the sense of history and beauty by keeping these beauties in your garden.

Today, we'll explore the eight colorful flowers to plant for a year-round Cinco de Mayo celebration, from the classic Mexican marigolds to the stunning Cinco de Mayo rose!

Mexican marigolds

With their vibrant colors and cultural significance, Mexican marigolds are essential for a Cinco de Mayo garden. Thriving in sunny conditions and adaptable to raised beds or large containers, these annual flowers are hardy and versatile. Marigolds typically bloom from late spring to early fall, depending on the specific variety and local growing conditions. 

Cinco de Mayo rose

Also known as the Floribunda rose, this stunning flower can be identified by its brilliant pinwheel rosettes of scarlet-orange blooms, complemented by glossy green foliage, giving it an exotic Latin look. The rose boasts a vigorous growth habit that enables it to thrive in harsh conditions and continue blooming year after year, from late spring through late fall.

Mexican sunflowers

Brighten up your garden with Mexican sunflowers! These tall plants, adorned with giant clusters of blooms in shades of red and orange, are favorites among pollinators and gardeners alike. Plant them in masses from early summer to late fall. You will admire them throughout the summer.

Mexican blanket flower

These perennials have vibrant red, yellow, and orange blooms reminiscent of the traditional colors used for delicate woven tapestries of Mexican culture. Mexican blanket flowers are disease resistant and have a prolonged blooming season from early spring to late fall, making them the perfect Cinco de Mayo centerpiece, year after year!


For a touch of Mexican spirit, consider adding agave plants to your garden! These succulents are known for their distinctive growth patterns and are perfect for planting in containers or as low hedges. With their ability to thrive in hot weather and low-maintenance care requirements, they're an excellent choice for adding a touch of Mexico to your outdoor space!


Another perennial favorite is the daylily. These flowers are available in many colors, perfect for adding a splash of color to your garden beds. They are easy to grow but require commitment for their care; they need full sun with good drainage to enjoy their blooms from early summer through late fall. 

Final thoughts

Creating a vibrant Cinco de Mayo garden is a wonderful way to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture year-round while adding beauty to your outdoor space.

Whether you choose classic Mexican marigolds, the stunning Cinco de Mayo rose, or the unique agave succulent, you're sure to have a colorful garden that's fun and vibrant.

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