Moss Haven Farm x Vego Garden: A Story of Greener Futures

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Here at Vego Garden, our Giving Back Program is one of our most precious initiatives.Through this program, we donate one Vego Garden kit for every fifty sets sold to the people, communities and schools who are in need and will benefit from gardening. Our hope is that this initiative will make gardening accessible to more people, inspire and empower gardeners around the country. Most precious of these donations are the chances that we get to place garden beds in schools around the country to inspire the gardeners of tomorrow.

Enter Farmer Kim of Grow Garden Grow. Kim and her Dallas, Texas-based organization are on a mission to grow a healthier world, one school garden at a time. When Kim and Vego were connected in 2021, she was overhauling the garden at Moss Haven Farm, part of Moss Haven Elementary School in Dallas, Texas.This community-supported school gardening program and 501c3 is focused on “cultivating tomorrow’s community-minded leaders, deeply rooted in healthy living, educational growth, and environmental stewardship.” Grow Garden Grow and Moss Haven’s work align so well with the heart and soul of Vego Garden that partnering up was a no brainer. We couldn’t wait to see how we could help Moss Haven Farm.

Farmer-Kim-Aman-Grow-Garden-Grow | Vego Garden

Moss Haven Farm is situated behind Moss Haven Elementary, and features 23 raised garden beds. The previous wooden beds were low to the ground, and in need of constant maintenance and replacement. With a lifetime of 20+ years, replacing these raised garden beds with Vego Garden’s sustainable, metal garden bed kits just made sense. Kim chose sleek Modern Gray, and the project got off the ground. The hardworking teams at Grow Garden Grow & Moss Haven Farm assembled all 23 of their Vego Garden kits and overhauled the Moss Haven Farm space for the kids. A little taller than the old wooden beds, safety edging on the top edges, and durable food-safe paint designed to last for years of heavy use, the Vego Garden raised bed kits couldn’t be more perfect for a project like this.

Vego-Garden-Modern-Gray | Vego Garden

Today, the farm is thriving. Moss Haven was generous enough to invite the Vego Garden team to join them and the Dallas community for the big outdoor garden celebration in April of 2022, celebrating Moss Haven’s 10 year anniversary. To say this event was spectacular and inspiring doesn’t begin to do it justice. Crowds of students wandered through their garden, examining the product they’ve cultivated and cared for, chatting with each other about the farm, introducing the crowds to the resident chickens. The students showed such an appreciation for the earth, where their food came from, and the dedicated work it takes to cultivate something so special.

Childen-gardening-vego-garden-moss-haven-farm-communitygarden | Vego Garden

Moss Haven Farm grew from a grassy patch in 2012 to a fully-functional farm, recognized as an American Heart Association Teaching Garden and decorated with awards like United Way’s Healthy Zone School.  Vego Garden is so honored to play a small role in such an impactful program that has touched the lives of so many children. We want to thank the Moss Haven students, teachers, administration, and of course Farmer Kim & the entire Grow Garden Grow team for trusting Vego Garden, and for letting us help you all to help grow the gardeners of tomorrow.

studen-child-gardening-vego-garden-moss-haven-farm | Vego Garden

If you would like to learn more about Moss Haven Farm and Grow Garden Grow, or donate to their organizations, you can find their information here:

Moss Haven Farm 
Grow Garden Grow

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