Planning Ahead: Ordering Seeds and Supplies for Next Year’s Garden

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

The evanescence of autumn, mirrored in the fleeting brilliance of autumnal leaves, all too quickly gives way to a black December sky. With winter comes thoughts of barren branches and a dearth of warmth. Compounded with a seed shortage precipitated by Covid, many gardeners find each day a little bit shorter than the last. Yet there is joy in browsing garden catalogs and curating a fresh seed selection for next year’s garden. This year, get a head start by ordering seeds and supplies for next year. 

Essential Gardening Supplies for the New Year

Come spring, and many gardeners find themselves in a scramble to gather new supplies because their old ones are rusty or dilapidated. If you find the idea of a trip to the garden home center immensely boring, then you can refer to the list below for several quick suggestions. Many of these can be ordered online and delivered to you, freeing up your time to work on other things. 

10 in 1 Hori Hori Knife Kit: Never pick up a trowel, knife, or shovel again with this trusty tool. Unlike conventional gardening tools, which tend to be clunky and unappealing, this Japanese knife kit is beautifully crafted. With ten unique functions that allows you to combine several gardening tasks, it is well suited for the easily distracted gardener. Its beveled edges eliminate the need for a trowel or fork while its serrated blade allows you to uproot tenacious weeds with precision. 

Raised Garden Bed: Garden with distinction with Vego raised garden beds – sustainable garden beds that are designed to last for decades. Available in a multitude of different shapes, from the special shapes collection to specialized beds for the advanced gardener, Vego Garden beds are designed to accommodate every skill set and preference. Whether you opt for a rolling planter overflowing with prolific blooms, or a sturdy vegetable patch, these garden beds are uniquely tailored to help you reach all your gardening endeavors. 


Worm Composter: Often overlooked, subpar soil can result in stunted vegetation or poor fruit growth. An easy way to enrich the soil is through vermicomposting using this in-ground composter. Vermicomposting is a process that harnesses the digestive power of worms to turn food scraps into nutrient-rich soil for your crops. Simply bury this composter in your Vego Garden bed, fill with organic waste and worms, and let nature do the work. 

Seedling Trays: One of the highlights of growing new plants is witnessing tiny sprouts unfurl from the earth, but it can seem daunting to deal with the aftermath. With our high-quality seedling suite, many of the problems associated with transplanting, such as root binding and transplant shock, are eliminated for a hassle-free experience. 

Large Garden Bag: Prepare yourself for a successful day in the garden with this spacious garden tool bag. It features spacious compartments that help keep your tools handy, and a waterproof interior that allows it to function as a watering can. 

Considerations When Selecting Seeds for your Garden

1. Starting ordering seeds 

Many gardeners start ordering their seeds in winter – January is actually a popular time to order seeds. While January does encounter a great influx of seed varieties, there are many online marketplaces that stock up on heirloom varieties year-round. Many seeds have an expiration period of several years, so you do not need to worry about their viability. 


2. Consider your space  

When planning out where to grow your vegetables, it is useful to plan out useful parameters for your space. These include availability of space, crop preference, and climate. 


  • Compatibility with specific climate
  • Vegetate type (taste, seed availability, cost-effectiveness, seasonality) 
  • Light and water requirements of the area
  • Soil 
  • Seed type (organic, heirloom, open-pollinated)   

3. Plan out your area   

Once you have begun planning out your garden layout, you may find yourself wondering what it will look like when fully realized. A good idea is to sketch out your ideas on a piece of paper; aesthetic arrangements of gardens and yards can help spur the imagination. A useful tip to maximize space by interspersing herbs and flowers among vegetable crops. 


4. Consider Seed Type 

Mass-produced varieties available on the marketplace are cultivated for commercial production, making them suitable for large-scale agricultural operations. Heirlooms, by contrast, are open-pollinated and often feature unusual shapes or colors. While heirlooms hold special appeal, hybrids are generally more vigorous and suited to the beginner gardener. 

Where to Buy Seeds

You can certainly find seeds at your local department store or garden center, but many of those choices lack variety and excitement. For those looking for a departure from store-bought seeds, below is a list of reputable companies that offer unique, rare, or unusual seeds online.  

  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: If you are seeking a novel experience, consider trying Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. They offer an extensive heirloom collection as well as unique varieties of plants, such as Kyoto red carrots, strawberry popcorn corn, and white soul alpine strawberry. Many of those appear in intense colors and whimsical shapes, as if straight from a page of folklore. 
  • Eden Brothers: Eden Brothers is a high-quality supplier of flowers and bulbs, with impressive germination rates far exceeding government standards. The only downside is the shipping, which is free after $79. Make your garden your own personal paradise by transforming a simple plot of land into a lush tapestry of color. 
  • Adaptive Seeds: Located in the cool Pacific Northwest, Adaptive Seeds is a certified organic, farm-based company that specializes in hard-to-find heirloom varieties. As champions of seed saving and diversity, they offer a rustic appeal combined with garden to table freshness. 

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