Reaching New Heights: Trellises Elevate Your Gardening Game

Growing greenery on a garden trellis - whether in the form of a fruit, flower or vegetable - not only provides weight support for our denser plantings, but can also make it easier to harvest product, allow easier access to pollinators, and provide a barrier for any four-legged foes that want to snack on the fruits of your labor.

In addition to offering a variety of eco-friendly raised garden beds, you can find Vego Garden wall and arched trellises in the Add-Ons tab. We also have rolling and self-watering mini planters with trellises for gardeners looking to maximize small or indoor gardening spaces.

In case you missed it, in Part 1 of our Trellis series, learn more about the most popular climbing vegetables. 

“Climbing vegetables are perfect for vertical gardeners,” said Vego Garden Blogger Arietza. “For a vertical garden to work, you need a sturdy trellis.”

Read more here about the 11 Best Climbing Vegetables to Grow on a Trellis, including beans, tomatoes and peas.

In Part 2, Arietza provides pointers on climbing fruit, including blackberries, raspberries, cantaloupe and honeydew.

“Number one on our list has to be grapes,” Arietza said. “Grapes are excellent climbers and are prolific in the right weather conditions.”

Read more here about the 9 Best Climbing Fruits to Grow on a Trellis.

Next, we move on to flowers.

“Climbing flowers add a touch of elegance and romance to any garden by transforming simple trellises into statement pieces,” Arietza said.

Crossvine, yellow bell, jasmine and bougainvillea are among the top flowers Arietza recommends. Read more here about the 13 Best Climbing Flowers to Grow on Trellises.

Ready to reach new heights? You might also consider the 7 Easy Climbing Plants to Grow on a Trellis.

“Functionality is key when selecting climbing vines for your trellises,” Arietza said. “Not only do they enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, but they also offer practical advantages such as creating shade and providing natural privacy screens.”

Vego Garden provides easy-to-understand assembly instructions with our trellises, but we also provide video instructions. If you need some help building your trellis, visit our Assembly page.

As always, we wish you a wonderful day in your garden!

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