Six Tips for Garden Sustainability and “Cents-ability”

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Gardening can require a lot of resources, but it shouldn’t keep anyone away from a wonderful hobby.

There are things you can do as a gardener that make a huge difference. Here are some simple ways to practice sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, and leave a little green in your wallet.


Collecting rainwater is an excellent way to save money on water, and it’s super easy. Attach a rain barrel to your gutters, or simply leave buckets outside. Check the weather forecast frequently during times of year that rain is common in your area so that you can hold back on watering your plants and let nature do it for you. Plus, another benefit to rainwater is that it contains nitrates your plants will love. 


Sustainable Gardening | Mulch

Mulching your garden can also help you save water by protecting soil from the sun’s natural duty of evaporating water. That means you don’t have to water as often. Mulch also helps suppress weeds, and as it breaks down, nourishes your soil. 

Seed savings 

Most, if not all plants, will easily provide you with seeds that you can save to grow again. As an added benefit, seeds saved from your garden will yield seeds and plants that are better adapted to your growing area, giving you stronger plants. You can also trade and share seeds with your friends and family - a great gift for gardeners!


One of the best ways to be sustainable in your garden is to compost. Composting doesn’t just apply to your food scraps – you can compost leaves and other plant matter as long as it isn’t diseased. By composting your food scraps and garden waste, you can create a beautiful, organic soil amendment that will keep your garden strong and healthy, while at the same time keeping more waste out of the landfill. 

Invest in high-quality products 

Garden Sustainability | Vego Garden

It may not always be possible to afford the best items when it comes to gardening, but you may be better off in the long run if you invest in high-quality products that last. You may end up finding cheap items for a great price, but sometimes you get what you pay for: they won’t last year after year - which will cost money to replace - while your cheap items end up in the landfill. 

Look for freebies 

Many people have tried gardening and decided it wasn’t for them, or they scaled their garden down, or sometimes people are getting ready for a move where they can’t take their gardening items with them. This usually means they are willing to give items away for free. Check online with local social media groups like Buy Nothing, Nextdoor or even Facebook Marketplace for free gardening items. While you aren’t guaranteed to get every item you want, it’s still a great way to source what you need for free, saving you money and keeping more items out of the landfill. Many people often give away extra soil, soil amendments, fertilizers, tools, plants and more. If you’re looking for something specific that you don’t see listed for free, you can also post what you are looking for to see if someone local has what you need.

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