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Mother’s Day has arrived! It’s time to celebrate, more than usual, the hard work and impact of mothers around the world. Mothers have always been a symbol of comfort, love, and dedication. A good mom can truly make all the difference in a child’s life. A mother is not strictly the woman that literally birthed you; a mom can be a stepmother from later in life, another family member that raised you, or a mentor that guided you when you were young. Whoever your maternal figure may be, the one thing that links them all together is the love and support they’ve provided to you. 

It makes sense that Mother’s Day takes place in the Spring, a season full of growth, beauty, and many cute baby animals taking their first steps. What better way to celebrate the admirable qualities of mothers than outside in your garden during this wonderful season. As mothers tend to and care for their children, nature does the same with its land and creatures. We do the same with our little garden seedlings.

Use the Spring time as an excuse to spend some quality time with the mothers and mother figures in your life. Get out in the garden to appreciate each other and work together to make more memories.

For Mothers with Young Kids

If you are celebrating a mother with young children or teens, gather everyone together for some fresh air and teamwork! Try these activities:

Spend Mother's Day in Your Garden | Vego Garden


  • Create a Kids Garden
    Nothing gets kids and teens more invested in working in the garden with Mom than carving out an area just for them and letting them choose what to plant! This can be an ongoing family project that encourages quality family time throughout the year. Starting seeds and watching them sprout is such a fun project to do with kids.

  • Go Flower or Berry picking
    Take the whole family out to a berry or flower farm and spend some time together walking around and looking for the best picks on the farm. Take it a step further and use the berries to make a fun dessert for Mom while she relaxes in bed, or make it a goal to make a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet out of the farm flowers.

  • Plan a Mother’s Day Picnic
    Prepare Mom’s favorite foods and snacks to take along to a scenic park picnic! The fresh air and yummy food will be a nice change of pace from her typical busy day of being a mom. The open space will be great for the kids to run around and get some energy out too! Make it a lovely day with the family and a hopefully peaceful and quiet evening at home.

    For Elderly Mothers and Grandmothers

    For those with elderly mothers or grandmothers to celebrate, make it a point to do an activity together that is accessible for both of you. Step away from the more rigorous and stressful times in life and just enjoy each other‘s company. Try these activities:

    Spend Mother's Day in your Garden | Vego Garden

  • Harvest or Plant Herbs for Tea
  • Tea is one of the most soothing beverages there is. Many components of tea also have medicinal properties that can help soothe aching bones, tired muscles, and persistent headaches. Growing and harvesting herbs for tea might be just the way to spend Mother’s Day. Make sure you are growing in an area or container accessible to your mother. If she is dealing with back pain, uses a mobility device, or maybe can’t exert herself too much, then stick to smaller pots, tall raised beds, and windowsill gardens. Afterwards, you can make a soothing cup of your mother’s favorite tea and pair that with a relaxing activity, like reading her a book or watching a show together. Plus, many tea herbs or brewed teas are great for baked goods as well!

  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Making a bird feeder is a great way to spend some quality time with your mother or grandmother that does not require too much in terms of materials or energy. There are plenty of preexisting kits for purchase and tutorials for simple DIY versions. Spend some time in the garden while you construct and decorate the feeder together. This is easily done seated and will not strain joints if that is a concern.

  • Help with Her Garden
    As people age, sometimes it can get much harder to maintain their own gardens. It’s possible that things have become less accessible or unmanageable now. Offer to help by helping Mom trim or harvest or whatever is needed! Another great way to help is by making the garden itself easier to navigate depending on her needs. Try adding walking paths to even the ground out more, or installing tall raised garden beds; these additions can be a tremendous aid. 

    For Mothers that have Passed

    For those looking for a way to honor maternal figures that have passed, try bringing more life into the world as a symbol of their love and compassion lasting on. Try these activities: 

  • Plant a Tree
  • Trees are the foundation of our planet and support all life everyday. There is no better way to honor a loved one than to plant a tree in their name. You can even make a stone or metal sign to place by the tree, so that others can be inspired to do the same.

  • Plant Her Favorites
  • If your mother was an avid gardener, I am sure there were plants that were her favorites - some vegetable or herb or flower that brought great joy. Make it a family activity to plant these in her own garden bed, or throughout your garden as a way to remember her. Even if she was not an avid gardener, something will always remind you of her - basil because she loved margarita pizzas, or roses because her name was Rose. Fill your garden with the memory of her love.

  • Create a Peaceful Garden Space 
  • Losing a loved one is always difficult, no matter where you are in the grieving process. Sometimes, creating an intentional space to contemplate and process the passing of a loved one is imperative to your grieving process. If gardening is something that brings you joy and peace or makes you feel closer to your loved one, consider making a peaceful garden space in her honor. Fill it with beauty and comfort.

    Spend Mother's Day in Your Garden | Vego Garden

    I hope these suggestions inspire you to plan your own garden activities this Mother’s Day. Both mothers and children can benefit from time together in nature. Show a little extra thoughtfulness this Mother’s Day and plan something really special for the moms in your life. Invite some springtime joy into your festivities and keep on growing!

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