Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow

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In the Victorina language of flowers, flowers were used to communicate hidden meanings. While this elaborate tradition has fizzled out, the practice of giving roses still maintains a hold on popular culture. Roses in particular have become common motifs in gothic fiction. Though the color red is ubiquitous, roses come in a dazzling array of colors. From a deep crimson to violet multicolored hues, roses are sure to increase the allure of any garden. A note of caution – many of the rarer varieties are more difficult to maintain, and are meant for the more serious gardener. However, if you have a passion for roses or have an impressive green thumb, try your hand at growing those unique rose varieties.

Growing Roses in Raised Garden Beds

English gardens often conjure up idyllic images of sprawling land filled with trailing wisteria and rose bushes. However, roses can be grown in planters, containers, and pots. Raised garden beds are often recommended for gardeners faced with space constraints or poor soil. Even if the native soil in your yard has good drainage, roses can still benefit from raised garden beds. It is also easier to tend to your plants due to the elevated height of raised beds.

Reminiscent of the graceful movement of a waterfall, Vego Garden’s Cascading Raised Metal Bed  is a tiered raised bed suitable for growing flowers alongside vegetables. Configured for growing plants with different root requirements, the Cascading Bed lends an eye-catching display for trailing varieties.

Are Black Roses Real?

Though the famed black rose has a dark history, certain individuals are inevitably drawn to its mysterious color. As well as considered harbingers of death, black roses are seen as an ill omen, symbolizing hatred or revenge. Black roses were supposedly used by the Sicilian mafia to warn the receiver that their murder was imminent.

Despite their eerie, ethereal beauty, it may sadden you to know that true black roses are a myth, and most likely do not actually exist. Most black roses are either digitally altered, dyed, or a deep maroon in color upon closer inspection. According to lore, the historic Turkish town of Halfeti boasts black roses, renowned for their color and scent. In reality, the roses are a rich wine color when they bloom, appearing black only as buds. Nevertheless, the marvelous inky shade of Halfeti roses continues to amaze and delight tourists and locals alike.

1.Antique Roses  

Cemeteries may seem like strange places to forage for roses, but they are a surprising treasure trove for antique roses. Hundreds of rose varieties from the 16th through 20th centuries have been identified and are cared for in many cemetery horticulture gardens around the United States. In both rural and modern communities, strains of centuries-old roses languish in Victorian-era cemeteries as long-forgotten relics.

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

Antique roses, or heirloom roses, are defined as roses that have been around since before 1867. Offering a nostalgic glimpse into the past, many antique roses deliver a distinct, nuanced fragrance that is often lacking in modern roses. Unless you’re a vampire, a trip to the cemetery may not sound very appealing. Those seeking elusive antique rose varieties can do so in the comfort of their own home by browsing online marketplaces and nurseries. Be wary of buying roses from seed, especially if the cover pictures feature roses in bright, unnatural colors, as many are of dubious origin and will not sprout.

2.Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose  

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

This lavender-blue hued rose produces magnificent, classically shaped petals. Although not true blue, the elusive color of this rose, ranging from silvery-lavender to a steel gray-blue as it matures, seems to come straight from the pages of a fairytale. Its fragrance, layered with lilac and rose, is slightly citrusy. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to black spot, and does not fare well in humid environments. To prevent black spot, keep the foliage dry and mist the leaves with baking soda solution.

3.Hocus Pocus 

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

With its swirling stripes of deep crimson and lemon yellow, this strange rose is a floribunda rose, which means “many flowering” in Latin. Floribunda roses are known for their profuse, many-petalled blooms. Due to its dark red and yellow streaks, it shares some resemblance to the Memphis Music rose. Also known as the Abracadabra rose, this rose is truly magical. It is not a stable rose – you never know what you might get with one plant – sometimes the whole flower can be in one color. 

4. Oranges 'n' Lemons

A more mildly colored rose, this cultivar produces dashing blooms striped with orange and yellow that fade to peach as they age. Medium to large in size, the vibrant flowers of this rose are reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, and are sure to brighten a sore spot in the garden. Great for container gardening, Oranges ‘n’ Lemons blooms continuously spring through fall. It is a repeat bloomer, and has a tendency to form arching stems laden with blossoms, making them ideal to train as climbers.

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

5.Koko Loko   

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

This curiously named, curiously colored rose has been likened to a creamy latte. It is a whimsical mauve color with a brown chocolate undertone, fading to a lovely lavender as it ages. A floribunda rose with long pointed buds, Koko Loko is popular with florists and designers, lending a subdued elegance to floral arrangements and home décor. For an innovative way to prune your roses and more, use this 10 in 1 Hori Hori Knife Kit for all your gardening tasks.

6. Purple Tiger Floribunda Rose 

This statement floribunda is a masterpiece of showy purple, lilac, and white stripes. Every bloom is an art form – a brilliant explosion of color that mimics the messy, exuberant splatter of paint on canvas. It blooms continuously, beginning

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Gardenwith the first hint of summer heat until the cool months of autumn. Despite its florid blooms, it is a compact variety suitable for containers, typically growing between 2 – 3 feet. During the hazy days of summer, the breeze carries with it a rich, antique-rose scent.

7.The Lady of the Lake

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

This poetically named rose is both a repeat-bloomer and a rambling rose, featuring large sprays of light pink flowers. Named after a pivotal figure in Arthurian legend, ‘The Lady of the Lake’ is the quintessential English rose, mirroring the wild, impressionistic quality of English cottage gardens. It is a shade tolerant and resistant variety, suitable for arches, trellises, or pergolas.

8. Black Baccara 

If you admire the brooding aesthetic of the Victorian era or have a fondness for a darker palette, then this striking tea hybrid is recommended. Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego GardenThough not strongly scented, its hauntingly beautiful blossoms of darkest carmine ensures that it will be the star of any garden. Its long stems, velvet petals, and longevity in vases – up to two weeks – make it popular in cutting gardens.

9. The Don Juan Rose

Unique Varieties of Roses to Grow | Vego Garden

The Don Juan Rose is a vigorous climbing rose that evokes the romantic quality of the Spanish sea side. When grown on fences, arches, pergolas, and other structures – against a stark white background – its deep velvety red blooms present a dramatic contrast. One of the few climbing roses to have a fragrance, it can grow in most locales in the United States, including hot, humid places where other roses struggle.

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