Vego Garden Year in Review 2023: New Products and What’s Next

When a new year arrives, we tend to reflect on the previous year - and Vego Garden is no different.

Continuing to lead the way in sustainable gardening, we are pleased to reflect on what we accomplished while keeping an eye on future growth.

We ended the year on a high note with the launch of Vego Garden’s Modern Raised Garden Series.

Vego Garden Modern Series Raised Garden Bed | Vego Garden

But let’s start at the beginning.

In January 2023, we started the year on a high note with the launch of several products. Our Garden Tool Box is sturdy, hangs securely from the edge of your garden bed, and keeps your tools nearby while also allowing them to drain when you’re done. We were so excited about it, we launched more colors later in the year - daffodil yellow and basil green.

And say "hello" to our Vego Garden Bag. It's compact, and has pouches for all kinds of things, including beverages, sharp tools and whatever else you want to take with you.

We also launched 11-inch raised garden beds and jumbo seedling trays

Then, we got to prepare and travel for our first TV feature. That was exciting for us, almost as much as when we got Vego Garden products on the shelves at Walmart. We were quite excited to have an SKU at a major retailer!

Enter spring, and we introduced our highly anticipated self-watering garden bed and self-watering rolling planter. 

Our Vego Garden Instagram community blossomed to more than 100,000 followers. You did that for us! Thank you!

We also built a chicken coop at the Vego Garden farmhouse with a custom Vego panel roof. Our chickens are prolific, and we love them. Except Tony, he’s kind of mean but I just think he’s misunderstood.

Chicken Coop | Vego Garden

May came with recognition from Yardzen's Annual Design Awards 2023, a company that inspires outdoor living and sustainability. We were recognized in the Organic category. 

In June, we connected with the community even more with the launch of our Green Pen program. Through this, we invite gardening enthusiasts to show us their green thumbs by contributing articles and blogs to our Vego Garden Academy. This means we can share knowledge and experience about green living, straight from those of you in the trenches.

Enter fall, and we’re still going strong! Our video about luffa went viral, because you can use it as a loofah. Talk about an excellent holiday gift - “Look! I grew you a loofah!” 

September was a milestone month, with the launch of our Regenerative Organic Compost. And we expanded to our neighbors in the north - Canada. As a Canadian, that should be “neighbours.” But I digress. Suffice it to say, Vego Garden is bringing awesome sustainable gardening solutions to another country, and that’s exciting for us.

While we launched almost countless new products last year, our Generation 2 Self-Watering Rolling Planter was a standout addition, combining upgraded functionality with sustainable design. We also added a Dragon Fruit Planter, and upgraded our Worm Composter to add a lovely locking lid. Worms not included! But you can always add our organic worm castings

We also have some stuff that doesn’t go in your garden, but will help you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sip from a Vego Garden coffee mug while lounging in the yard. Make a salad from your fresh garden goodies and dish it up in our serving bowls!

By the end of the year, Vego Garden planted roots to interact and engage with various communities. October saw us partnering with the Houston Independent School District’s Nutrition Services to enhance the HISD Meditation Maze Garden. We also hosted a local gardening club for an educational seminar at the Vego Garden Farmhouse. 

Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program really took off, as we proudly supported the Houston community by volunteering or contributing to several organizations, including Mission Milby - a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of lives and reducing poverty in the Houston area, part of which includes a community garden. As a team, we also spent some time at the Houston Food Bank bagging up many pounds of sweet potatoes and carrots. 

Houston Food Bank | Vego Garden

We are very excited about 2024, and we wouldn’t be here without your support and passion. We’ve got all kinds of new things in the pipeline, ranging from indoor-gardening items to a new line of raised garden beds. Stay tuned! 

As always, we wish you a beautiful day in your garden.

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