Want To Be More Modern in 2024? We Have the Raised Bed for You

Whether it's music, movies or memes, I dig the classics.

I've passed that on to my kiddos. who now share a love of vintage music. But they have also opened my earbuds to their favorite, current music.

Modern, if you will.

At Vego Garden, we’re doing the same thing for your garden.

Modern Garden Bed series: Sophistication and sustainability

Vego Garden Modern Raised Garden Bed | Vego Garden

Suburban, urban, hobby gardener or professional landscaper, this is for you. 

This unique, elegant series elevates Vego Garden’s already popular Classic Garden Beds to another level with more beautiful designs and a trio of colors.

The Modern Garden Bed is sleek, sturdy and commercial grade, available in 17-inch Tall or 32-inch Extra Tall, in various configurations, and in three colors:  Midnight Blue, Urban Charcoal, or Umber Brown.

The double-walled design allows for greater structural integrity, making them perfect for residential and commercial use. It also allows for additional insulation, resulting in stable temperature control. 

Made from commercial-grade, powder-coated galvanized steel, Vego Garden Modern Garden Beds are designed to last. The rounded corners and smooth edges not only look sophisticated but are safer for gardeners of all ages.

Modern Garden Beds have all of the qualities Vego Garden gardeners have grown to know and love in our Classic Garden Bed series: 100 percent non-toxic, long-lasting, and easy as well as affordable to ship.

Exciting additions to the Modern Garden Bed series will be available soon.

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