Watering Tools to Keep Your Garden Thriving

As the hot summer season approaches, keeping your garden adequately hydrated can become more challenging.

To ensure your plants stay healthy and continue to thrive, having the right watering tools and accessories can make all the difference, making watering easier and more manageable. 

The key to efficient watering is to use high quality tools that save you time, while ensuring your garden receives the right amount of hydration throughout the season.

Here are my top recommendations for watering tools and gadgets to have in your arsenal.

Watering can

The classic watering can remains one of the top watering tools for home gardens and container plants. Opt for a sturdy and rust-resistant can with a shower nozzle for controlled water flow and targeted spraying of individual plants, while also covering hard-to-reach areas.

Retractable hoses

Traditional garden hoses can be heavy and easy to tangle, making frequent watering a chore. Look for retractable hoses that are lightweight, kink-resistant, and flexible - expanding in length to reach your entire garden, and equipped with hose reels for easy retraction and storage after use. These hoses are easier to handle, and more resistant to leaks for hassle-free watering. 

Adjustable nozzles

Use different adjustable nozzles to complement and boost the functionality of your garden hose. Choose nozzles with a multitude of spray patterns, allowing tailored water flow for different plants from veggies, raised beds, to trees and shrubs. Slip-resistant nozzles with ergonomic designs and convenient thumb controls are also recommended for efficient watering.


Consider using handheld sprinklers for targeted watering of particular plants or areas of the garden, while preventing overwatering of other plants at the same time. To cover larger areas or lawns, rotational or oscillating sprinklers are also preferred. Meanwhile, for those with large gardens or outdoor spaces, in-ground sprinkler systems can be another effective option. 

Watering lance

Consider the watering lance if you have plants that are tucked away or in hard-to-reach places. You can extend your watering reach via its long shaft, and deliver hydration to your garden beds or containers without straining yourself. 

The other end of the shaft is typically connected to a watering valve that resembles a showerhead, which controls the volume and direction of water flow for more convenient watering and less wastage. 

Drip irrigation

For gardeners with busy schedules, using drip irrigation systems will offer even more convenience - automatically delivering moisture to the roots of your plants, while minimizing runoff. Drip irrigation is a great watering option for raised beds and vegetable gardens. Choose the most appropriate setup according to your gardening needs, from simple hoses to more complex systems with adjustable emitters and sensors for maximum efficiency.  


To take the guesswork out of your watering routine, consider investing in timers to ensure your plants get the right amount of hydration at the right time. Remember to purchase ones that are compatible with your water system for best results. 

Final thoughts

Consider your garden’s needs and experiment with different watering tools to find the best fit for your plants. Remember, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in your gardening game, and hopefully these recommendations will help you build a healthy and productive garden for years to come. 


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