What I've Learned After Three Months at Vego Garden

Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I’m not a gardener. I’m a gardener in-the-making though because of Vego Garden. 

That time I fed a sloth | Vego Garden

I fed a sloth once, but not at Vego Garden. We don't grow sloths here

I am, by trade, a journalist with thousands of articles about hundreds of various topics - but now I get to learn and specialize in a field that is so important to our world today.

The world of gardening

Vego Garden has in-house horticulturists, product-development specialists, social media gurus, marketing specialists, customer service associates, and staffers like me to get gardening info and products out there to everyone, ranging from beginners to Master Gardeners.

Through our Green Pen program, which is an outlet for people just like you who have a story to tell about your own gardening experiences, our Vego Garden Academy provides information at all levels. 

Vego Garden is super innovative. I’m always impressed by the constant motivation of our team to continually add new products and everything you could possibly need to enhance your garden. It's going to be a busy 2024 indeed.

I also love our commitment to give back to the community.

Top favorite things I’ve learned

Texas Rat Snake | Vego Garden
Texas Rat Snake
Snakes: Not going to lie, but Texas Gardener magazine creeped me out with its blog about slithering snakes. I believe in all of Mother Nature’s critters (except fire ants and cockroaches) and now I have a certain admiration for non-venomous snakes. 
Worms for gardening | Vego Garden

Pollinators and worms: Amazing creatures. We love to see butterflies, but there are others that may seem scary to beginner gardeners - such as bees, which may be mistaken for wasps. Worms are a huge part of vermicomposting. But you don’t have to actually get worms - if you prefer, you can get the castings.

Trap crops | Vego Garden
Trap plants attract pests such as leaf-footed bugs

Companion planting: Did you know you can plant other plants to detract pests from the plants/flowers you are trying to protect from pests? You sure can, and you should! And then there are ‘trap’ plants where you attract pests such as leaf-footed bugs. Trap crops is a type of companion planting where you use a different plant to attract a pest away from the main crop you are trying to grow.

Raised garden beds | Vego Garden

Raised bed gardening: Things can go wrong, quite wrong, if you’re not utilizing raised beds made of metal. Our beds are 100 percent non-toxic, environmentally friendly and more durable than wooden beds. The wide-ranging sizes and modular options saves you from back pain, and even come in kid-friendly sizes, along with a wide variety of add-ons, accessories and amendments.

Innovation: We are always coming up with new products, or next-generation products that we’ve learned may have had some flaws and quickly fixed, based on your feedback. We have a new seedlings suite, new planters, and much more to come.

Community: We adore the Vego Garden community and want to share the fruits of our labor. We believe in social responsibility, education, fun and family! Check out our our Giving Back Program, and our Vego Garden Kids Program

Vego Garden at the Houston Food Bank

In December, we got to spend an afternoon at the Houston Food Bank

Contributors: Thanks to our in-house pros and outside sources, I’ve learned about things such as leaf spots, indoor gardening, medicinal and edible plants, pest control, and things I’ve never heard of like Mycorrhizal Fungi, Adeniums and Pawpaws. Visit our blog page and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Tony: I can already see my co-workers rolling their eyes, but Tony is the misunderstood bully of our farmhouse chicken coop. I have learned how to speak rooster, but no one believes me. Regardless, we get lots of eggs every day from his girlfriends. But, I do have four cats. They don’t lay eggs but they are snugglers.

Cat | Vego Garden
Not my cat, because it's impossible to get all four together

Some of the blogs and videos on our Academy page make me laugh, some have even made me cry. The point is - I’ve learned so much and with your help it’s even better. Send your comments, send your ideas, send your gardening experiences - good or bad. You just never know who you’re helping and encouraging.

As always, happy gardening from all of us at Vego Garden.

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  • Cynthia

    the cherry tomato planter is made from plastic.
    How is plastic not toxic?
    Please explain. Thanks.

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