You Don't Need to Be a Green Thumb to Be a Green Pen at Vego Garden

Vego Garden’s Green Pen Community is an outlet for beginners and professionals to share their gardening adventures with our readers. 

Green Pen | Vego Garden

Did you try something that just didn’t work, or did you grow the best rose of your life? From one end of the spectrum to the other, we would love to hear about it - or in this case, read about it. Visit our Green Pen page to apply and submit your application!

Once you are an approved contributor, you will receive an Agreement to sign that basically states you are allowing us to use your content and photos. As an approved contributor, you will receive e-gift cards ranging from $100 to $250 based on length, quality and topic relevance. You can use these cards on our website, which we keep updating with new products - we just launched seedlings and new planters - with even more new things planned for 2024. 

You will be published with your byline, photo (if you care to share one), share with social media (or appear on ours) and have tons of opportunities to network with other gardeners. It’s your outlet to share tips, tricks, don’t do’s and always do’s. 

Sunlit Oak Raised Garden Bed | Vego Garden

The main thing, though, is to keep with Vego Garden’s commitment to sustainable gardening and eco-friendly practices. Our line of classic and modern metal raised garden beds are the basis of bringing gardening to all, even kiddos. 

Here are some examples of just a few of my favorite submissions. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did, and will consider applying to Green Pen.

A Story About a Stagecoach and Uneven Terrain

The Power of the Pine

Your Yard is Your Sanctuary

As always, we wish you a happy day in the garden!


  • judith

    I love gardening, however, my plants do not always survive. I hope to learn from the community.

  • Helen Yoest

    I’m a garden writer who would like to participate in penning stories for gift cards.

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