Community Efforts in Full Bloom

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Houston, TX, November 30, 2023 – As a leading innovator in the gardening industry, Vego Garden has continued its mission to give back to communities and to support those in need. With our strong belief in the therapeutic power of gardening, we are committed to serving communities through our Giving Back Program - as we continue to partner with more renowned organizations in local communities. 

Corporate social responsibility is part of our core focus, and our quest to support education, social, and government efforts with garden bed donations has been met with praise and appreciation, with more distinguished partners joining us to help underprivileged groups and individuals. 

Vego Garden’s Giving Back Prograonce again achieved encouraging progress in the month of November, with notable donations to 10 organizations - including partnerships with charitable organizations; NGOs; schools; and government bodies. Through our program, we have donated a total of 68 garden beds to prominent community groups since it started in May. 

Fruitful Partnerships 

The Giving Back Program has been gaining great traction since its inception, as more renowned partners in local communities join hands with us month after month. This is no different in November, where we made donations to more social organizations that serve the needs of disadvantaged individuals. 

We supported the work of Fairfax, Virginia-based W.T. Woodson High School, one of the top-ranked public high schools in the region. Year after year, Woodson is featured in the Top 100 List of US Public Schools in publications like Newsweek. 

As part of the Eagle Scout project "Woodson High School Courtyard Appeal Restoration” with Troop 187, Vego Garden’s donated beds will be used to build a new garden area with native plants and a picnic table - with the aim to encourage students and staff to spend more time outdoors and fully appreciate nature.

garden bed

Troop 350 is another boy scout organization that benefitted from our donations. They aim to empower every eligible youth to become responsible, participating citizens through scout activities, developing the integrity and character to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Members of the group arrived at Vego Garden's exhibition at the Oregon Convention Center in a display of genuine enthusiasm, receiving the donations in person. Our donations contributed to the Eagle Project - designed to help refurbish a community garden in Tigard, Oregon, whereby 75 students from a nearby secular school will benefit from gardening classes using our garden beds.

troop 530

Vego Garden also joined hands with Virginia-based Mobile Hope, an independent 501(c)3 organization that provides emergency shelter to youths who are at-risk or homeless individuals, empowering them to become self-sufficient with improved well-being. 

We donated 4 17" Tall 10 In 1 Modular Raised Garden Bed Kits and 1 Arched Trellis System to the charitable group. The garden beds were used on Mobile Hope’s main campus, where master gardeners from Leesburg will teach at-risk youths necessary skills to grow food. They expressed their appreciation with this post on their Instagram account, after assembling the beds on site. 

Supporting New Partners in Different Sectors 

Our efforts to empower communities continue to grow in size and magnitude, as we collaborate with partners in different realms including schools and NGOs - for meaningful projects to benefit various sectors.

Mississippi State University’s Copiah County Master Gardeners of Mississippi is the latest NGO to receive our donations. The volunteer program trains individuals to be certified in consumer horticulture and related skill sets.

We donated 4 17" Tall 6 In 1 Modular Raised Garden Bed Kits to the non-profit group, which will be used to facilitate planting of seasonal vegetables for federal education and in training facilities for low-income and underserved youths. 

Vego Garden also collaborated with Community SOGarden, a 501(c)(3) organization based in South Tampa managing the region’s very first community garden - providing education on sustainable gardening practices to promote healthy outdoor activities, environmental leadership and community building.

Our donations include 2 garden beds and a Dragon Fruit Self-Watering Rolling Planter. These will be used to help improve the practical aspects of efficient and organized gardening. 

Nelson Elementary School is one of the latest schools we are partnering with. Built in 1965, it is named after former Tustin Unified Superintendent, W. R. Nelson.

We donated 4 raised garden beds and 2 Arched Trellis Systems to help bolster their gardening program. They will also contribute to a school garden where elementary age children will be taught about organic food, along with participation in STEM activities. Each of the garden beds will be used in tandem with each grade's curriculum. 

A Pledge to Give Back 

Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program continues to grow with the communities that we support, and it stands as our pledge to give back in meaningful and sustainable ways. Our ongoing dedication to empowering communities is a key reason for its success. 

We will continue to partner with key non-profit organizations and social aid groups as we approach the end of the year. Through the program, we will work together with our community partners to assist those in need, through dedicated initiatives that represent our commitment to corporate social responsibility.