Cultivating Innovation: 2023 Year in Review

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Houston, TX, January 26, 2024 - As the leading innovator of the gardening industry, Vego Garden  looks back on a trailblazing 2023 - with launches of one groundbreaking product after another. It was a year of new opportunities and growth, and we remained firmly committed to product development and staying ahead of the industry despite a challenging business environment. 

Driven by the continued support of our customers, Vego Garden is dedicated to helping gardeners everywhere build their dream gardens with minimal effort - by offering solutions that exceed user expectations and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

With a focus on revolutionary products that make gardening accessible and enjoyable for all, we continued to streamline our product range throughout 2023 - we expanded our product line with 17 new arrivals, 5 significant upgrades, and 3 delightful new color designs. These additions reaffirm our position as a product-focused company where innovation is ingrained in our DNA.

Exciting New Releases and Product Upgrades 

We kicked off 2023 with a welcomed new addition to our classic garden beds, the 11" Tall Garden Bed Series, launched in early January. This new series features our classic modular garden beds in multiple iconic designs and configurations, with a cost-conscious 11" height ideal for lower spaces and young gardeners. This series was definitely a crowd-pleaser with its added convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

11 tall garden bed

Our second new arrival was one of the year’s product innovation highlights - the Self-Watering Garden Bed launched on May 4th, providing a perfect habitat for plants and managing their watering needs autonomously for the ultimate hassle-free gardening. 

garden bed

This unique bed is designed with an ingenious wicking cell system that collects excess water as a reservoir, redistributing it back to your plants over time - allowing users to water less often and plants to thrive on their own. 

The final new product of the year was launched in December - in the form of the Modern Garden Bed collection, representing the next level in garden bed innovation. Vego’s Modern Garden Beds are designed to last - with powder-coated galvanized steel and double wall features for enhanced structural integrity. Assembly time is only 20 minutes for these beds, facilitating more convenient and efficient gardening. 

modern garden bed

Product upgrades were also a prominent feature of last year. Our first upgraded product, the 2nd Generation Elevated Rolling Bed, was launched in late September. This Vego favorite was updated with new features for an improved gardening experience, including angled legs with locking wheels to provide greater stability and a larger shelf underneath to store all the necessary gardening tools. 

garden bed

Vego Garden’s Cover System  also enjoyed an upgrade in 2023, offering plants greater protection from garden pests with powder-coated steel frames and enhanced mesh covers that are more durable. 

garden bed

Trellises are some of the most popular add-ons to our garden beds, and our Wall Trellis, Arch Trellis, and U & L Wall Trellis all had 2.0 upgraded versions launched in November. They are designed to be integrated seamlessly with garden beds for visually stunning displays, with even more support for climbing plants to elevate gardening. 

Arched Trellis System

Apart from new products and features, the addition of refreshing and pleasing new colors also gave our customers a fresh perspective on familiar designs. A case in point is our 17" tall  and 32" tall garden beds in new hues of sky blue and terracotta, respectively. 

garden bed

Our handy garden Toolbox  also introduced new color makeovers in November, in soothing daffodil yellow and basil green to complement garden plants perfectly.

tool box

The Worm Composter is another one of our convenient add ons that was launched with new color designs in December - with chestnut brown and basil green versions for sustainable gardening. 

Worm Composter

New Accessories and Add-ons 

Garden accessories and add-ons make up an essential part of the Vego Garden product offering. The first new arrival in the accessories category came in January - the Modular Garden Sifter, ergonomically designed for sifting through soil, compost, and worm castings. We also launched the new Vego Salad Serving Bowl  in May as the perfect companion for your garden-to-table journey and to proudly display your harvests and veggies. 


The Kitchen Compost Caddy  was the final new accessory of 2023. Unveiled in December, this reliable tool makes transporting compost from kitchen to garden completely hassle-free. Also launched in the same month is a new member of our add-ons, the Trellis Anchor - which helps gardeners plant our arch trellises directly into garden beds and soil. 

Kitchen Compost Caddy

We also introduced a number of new seedling suite products in 2023, with the first arriving in January - the Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Trays and Bottom Watering Trays. Sow the seeds for gardening success with the Jumbo Seedling Tray, which is equipped with four extra-tall cells perfect for larger plants like tomatoes or eggplants. Meanwhile, our bottom watering trays are designed with custom ridges in their base to hold seedling trays securely in place. 

Seedling Trays

To ensure a bigger seedling success, we introduced the new 10" x 20" Stackable Seedling Tray last November - featuring 76 growing cells per tray to maximize seedling growth and innovative support columns enabling stacking of trays to save space with ease. 

10" x 20" Stackable Seedling Tray

Last but not least, the 3-In-1 Plant 'n' Pop Board  became the newest member of our seedling suite product collection in December, as a dibbler, seed sower, and plug popper conveniently combined into an all-purpose gardening tool. 

3-In-1 Plant 'n' Pop Board

To make our product range more complete, a new product manager was hired to create a new line of gardening essentials in 2023 - featuring new items such as Regenerative Compost, Worm Casting, Organic Fertilizer, Mulch, and Finishing Soil

Regenerative Compost

Other Notable Highlights of 2023 

Apart from significant efforts in product research and development, we created and launched the 3D Garden Planner software on Earth Day in April to help gardeners design their dream gardens effortlessly. The innovative software helps our customers design their garden space before purchasing our garden beds, with full lists of dimensions, colors, and other key features to help achieve the perfect garden blueprint. 

In February, Vego Garden joined hands with Walmart for an exclusive and historic collaboration - featuring the 14” Metal Raised Garden Bed that became available in over 1,600 select Walmart stores across the US.

Finally, we are thrilled and honored to be the recipient of the Best Raised Bed accolade at Yardzen's Annual Design Awards 2023. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team to create groundbreaking products exceeding the expectations of our peers and customers. 

Determined by a panel of expert judges who evaluate each product rigorously in terms of design, functionality, and sustainability, the authenticity of this award proves that our garden beds are truly extraordinary. 

Committed to Long-Term Innovation -A Look Ahead from CEO Robert Xiong

“As we step into 2024, we remain steadfast in our mission to transform home gardening,” says Robert X., Founder and CEO. “Innovation is at the core of what we do, and we're excited to continue delivering products that make gardening more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable.”

This year,  Vego Garden will remain committed to pushing boundaries for both product development and improving our gardening solutions. We owe our success and achievements in 2023 to the unwavering support of our customers, partners, and employees, enabling us to stay focused on innovation and deliver top-tier services. We look forward to launching even more exceptional products for our customers and making 2024 a year to remember.


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