Empowering Communities with Sustainable Partnerships

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As the innovation leader of the gardening industry, Vego Garden believes in sowing the seeds of change - and is dedicated to fostering the power of gardening in local communities with our Giving Back Program

To further our mission of empowering communities through gardening, we have been offering garden bed donations and discounts to well-known local partners. From June to July, Vego Garden made significant progress via the program, with donations made to a total of 20 organizations - including 6 schools; 2 NGOs; 9 501c3 charitable organizations; 2 churches; and 1 hospital program.

July 4th

Giving Back for the Greater Good 

Recent highlights of our program include new partnerships with distinguished organizations from various communities.

One of these renowned organizations that recently benefited from the Giving Back Program is the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio, which has kept families together at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House for four decades. From its grassroots beginnings, the charity has assisted tens of thousands of families in times of need. With garden bed donations from Vego Garden, the charitable organization is planning to begin work on building a new garden this fall - and has expressed their gratitude in this LinkedIn post

We also joined hands with Princess Garden Worm Farm, a vermicomposting center well-known in southeast Denver for their year-round program serving marginalized communities, through donations with the 16Ways Foundation. Our generous donation of garden beds and worm composters to the center will be put to good use for workshops, and to support underserved families from the local community.

Garden bed donations were made to the Charleston Parks Conservancy, a community service organization committed to fostering green spaces and public parks in Charleston. After donating 500 flower bouquets to hospitals and organizations helping underprivileged new mothers last year, our garden beds will help boost production for their Cut Flower Donation program  to benefit postpartum mothers. 

Another recent highlight is our donation to the Northside School of Christian Leadership, an independent private Christian school and a ministry of Northside Church. To facilitate education on the positive impact of gardening, three of our donated garden beds will become part of the school’s new Garden Classroom to be completed this fall. The new garden will be used by students from all grade levels, and will play an integral role in the school’s enrichment classes. 

Fostering the Power of Gardening 

As a company at the forefront of gardening, we believe in its impact to foster positive change in communities. In order to provide access to the positive power of gardening to as many people as possible, Vego Garden continues to partner with renowned local organizations through our Giving Back Program. 

As a testament to the progress of the program, we have continued to receive applications as more organizations benefit from our efforts - whether it’s donating garden beds or furthering gardening education, we are committed to giving back to our communities. 

Some of our notable previous partners include: 

For more details on the program and application to receive garden bed donations, please visit the following link https://vegogarden.com/pages/giving-back

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Our Pledge to Local Communities 

It is our firm belief that gardening can have a profound impact to bring about change, and to heal those in need - and the Giving Back Program stands as our pledge to this conviction.

Focusing on philanthropy, Vego Garden will continue to join hands with non-profit organizations and other community partners, to bring about positive change through diverse social responsibility programs.