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Vego Garden

HOUSTON, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vego Garden, a leading innovator in the gardening industry, is dedicated to nurturing better garden spaces and fostering a passion for nature. To encourage young gardeners and promote a greener future, Vego Garden introduced the Vego Garden Kids Nonprofit Program in December 2021. This initiative offers a specially designed 2 feet by 3.5 feet version of our classic modular garden bed, aimed at inspiring children to cultivate their gardens.


Nurturing young gardeners: Our Vego Garden Kids program inspires children to cultivate their own gardens, connecting them with nature from an early age.


Building on the mission to give back to the community, this program allows kids and their families to bond and grow together through gardening. In the coming year, Vego Garden will continue championing its core values, encouraging a lifelong love for nature and investing in a sustainable future for the next generation.

Cultivating Healthy Habits

With garden beds offered at prices below production costs, the program introduces gardening to children and encourages them to foster a life-long love of nature. Parents can bond with their kids as they develop gardening skills, while helping little ones build their own gardens and grow vegetables.

While outdoor activities benefit children's development in general, recent research has consistently shown that gardening has all-rounded benefits for youngsters. Studies indicate that taking up gardening encourages children to eat fruits and vegetables more, preventing obesity with healthier food choices from an early age. Meanwhile, many aspects of gardening can be quite physical, and are great ways for kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

Lifelong Skills and Empathy Through Gardening

The process of tending to plants, seeing them grow and harvesting into food also gives children confidence that stays with them into adulthood. Gardening exercises involving planning and organization especially will help kids improve their reasoning and analytical skills.

Through caring for plants, youngsters will learn about their life cycles, and how sunlight, water, and soil interact within the garden ecosystem. They will gain a better understanding and appreciation of nature. With more empathy for nature, children will also develop greater awareness of environmental issues and the importance of conservation for future generations. 

Bonding with Family and Better Relationships

According to other research, starting gardening at a young age will produce positive emotions in children, with long-term benefits for mood, stress relief, and social behavior. Meanwhile, gardening practices encourage bonding between family members, fostering more quality time spent together and stronger relationships.

Growing Progress

As of January 1, 2023, 270 kids have completed the ongoing program, helping to cultivate the growth of youth gardening in our community. Pictures of youngsters and their gardening progress have been featured on our Kids First Garden Bed product page. Parents also shared interesting stories about gardening with their kids, with photos from posts of home gardening with Vego Garden beds on social media. Since the program started, we have continued to receive letters of thanks and praise, as well as gardening photos from the families of participants.

Apart from providing the tools for young gardeners to grow, Vego Garden also joined hands with schools to create educational gardening spaces with our various garden beds and add ons.

Gardening for Tomorrow

To expand our impact, Vego Garden has partnered with schools to create educational gardening spaces using our garden beds and add-ons. By promoting gardening as an educational tool, we aim to empower more children to connect with nature and foster sustainable practices from a young age.

As the leader in gardening innovation, Vego Garden remains committed to its mission of helping families and communities grow through gardening. The Vego Garden Kids Nonprofit Program is an extension of our steadfast commitment, and we will continue to help invest in a sustainable future for the new generation.

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