Rooted in Innovation: Vego Garden Introduces New Line of Live Seedlings

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

HOUSTON, TX, March 2024 – Leading the way in sustainable and accessible gardening for all, Vego Garden is pleased to announce its newest endeavor: The launch of live seedlings.

“Every spring or fall, one of the biggest limitations when gardening is that seedlings are not available, or the variety of seedlings are not available,” said Vego Garden Founder and CEO Robert Xiong. “In order to make it easy and convenient for people to garden, seedlings  have to be available. Just like with our garden beds, you have to figure out a way that when people need it, let’s get it to them and help make it a turnkey experience.”



Working closely with a Texas-based family business that has been around for three generations, Vego Garden Product Development Manager Mark Bowen said the seedlings are grown to Vego Garden’s specifications.

“Based on our gardening industry experience, we came up with a good variety of tried and true vegetable, herb and companion plants that are reliable choices with high success rates,” said Bowen, adding that Vego Garden hired more gardening specialists and customer-service staff to help launch the program. 

Vego Garden currently offers 35 seedlings  in its collection, including tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, melons, cucumbers, squash, kitchen minis, herbs and companion plants.

A variety of varieties at Vego Garden

Kitchen minis  are unique in that they are compact varieties that do well in smaller pots, and can also be rotated outdoors and indoors (with grow lights), Bowen said.

Vego Garden kitchen minis include quick-snack cucumbers and a range of tomatoes and peppers.

“The Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomatoes  are both heirloom tomatoes that are gourmet quality,” Bowen said. “They are also open-pollinated varieties that produce seeds that can be saved, and they will continue to grow out if planted correctly. Also, the Asian Delight Eggplant can be hard to find. This variety is a culinary gem.”



In addition, Bowen said lemongrass is sometimes hard to find in starter-plant sizes.

“This plant is very versatile for preparing dishes, desserts and teas,” Bowen said. “It is also an outstanding ornamental grass for your landscape and tolerates partial shade.”

Vego Garden’s jalapeno pepper seedling was developed by Texas A&M University, legendary here in our home state of Texas.

Crimson sweet watermelons are not always easy to find, and watermelons are not always easy to grow,” said Bowen, further explaining what Vego Garden seedlings offer gardeners. “Crimson sweet is very reliable, easier to grow and be successful with, and their taste and texture is outstanding.” 

As the seedlings are live plants, Vego Garden ships the most reliable way, with clamshell packaging that safely cradles the seedlings before they are packed into a fully-compostable, breathable box.



When ordering Vego Garden seedlings online, gardeners can also access a Transplant Date Calculator - a user-friendly tool that recommends transplant dates and provides information on the average last frost date, all based on the customer’s zip code.

Xiong added that customer feedback is important as the seedlings initiative continues to grow.

“We are getting some customer feedback and so far it has been very positive,” Xiong said. 

Our seedlings have received enthusiastic interest from our customers, and we are receiving a lot of requests for future offerings,” Bowen agreed. “We do think this project will grow by leaps and bounds.

“We want to make the gardening process easier and more fruitful for our customers. We believe that Vego Garden needs to do everything it can to provide as many ‘one-stop shop’ options for our customers, so they can be successful at gardening even while juggling busy lives.”

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