Sowing the Seeds of Love in the Community

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Vego Garden

As the leader in gardening innovation, Vego Garden has always been committed to fostering the power of gardening for the greater good of our communities. With this mission in mind, we have been offering garden bed donations and discounts via our Giving Back Program  to renowned 501c3 charitable entities, NGOs, educational institutions, and individuals or organizations - sowing the seeds of change for those in need through gardening. 

One of these organizations is the Community Action of Orleans and Genesee, which has served low-income families for nearly 60 years, with community action programs designed to empower disadvantaged members of the community to become self-sufficient. 

To show more people in the community how to grow their own food, a demonstration garden was built in the agency’s backyard with three 17" 9-in-1 modular raised garden beds we donated to the organization at the end of  May. 

The Garden of Love 

Founded in 1965,  the Community Action of Orleans and Genesee  has since assisted 3134 disadvantaged individuals in Orleans County, with 1077 low-income citizens benefiting from the agency’s food pantries and 6335 prepared meals served at their Holley Community Center. 

To further facilitate the agency’s mission of “giving a hand up, rather than a handout”, director Renee Hungerford came up with the idea to plant a community garden right in the agency, to teach low-income families about growing and preparing their own food from gardens. 

Sowing the Seeds of Love in the Community

Joining hands with the agency via our Giving Back Program, Vego Garden donated three raised garden beds that were assembled and planted in its backyard with the help of volunteers and staff on the morning of May 31st.

Sowing the Seeds of Love in the Community

Once the garden starts to harvest, fresh veggies can be picked and refrigerated for those in need to help themselves. Hungerford said she hopes families will come and help tend to the garden. “We hope it will be therapeutic for them.”

Giving Back with the Gift of Gardening 

As a company at the forefront of gardening technology, we believe in its impact to change communities and the world. To provide access to the positive power of gardening to as many people as possible, we work with key charitable organizations through our Giving Back Program. Whether it’s donating garden beds or furthering harvesting education for less privileged citizens, we are committed to giving back to our communities. 

For more details on the program and application to receive discount or donated beds, please visit the following link

Our Pledge to Local Communities 

We firmly believe that gardening can have a profound impact to bring about changes and to heal, and the Giving Back Program stands as a testament to this conviction. 

With a focus on philanthropy and social responsibility, Vego Garden will continue to work with non-profit organizations and other community partners to sow the seeds of love through diverse social responsibility and public welfare projects.