Vego Garden Announces Winners of 3D Garden Design Contest Overwhelming Response Garnered with 446 Entries Received

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Houston, Texas, August 29th, 2023 – Vego Garden, a leading innovator in gardening solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of its recent 3D Garden Design Contest. The contest, launched on Instagram, leveraged Vego Garden's cutting-edge 3D Garden Design Tool - enabling participants to design, visualize, and customize their dream garden in 3D.

The contestants  were challenged to create designs in a 600 square feet garden space within  a budget of $2,000, with the grand prize winner for the most creative design to get their entire garden design for free. The overwhelming response and contestant numbers exceeded our expectations, as with enthusiastic feedback from participants. "Winner or not, this is a great marketing campaign." Numerous gardeners also expressed gratitude for the innovative tool.

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The Contest in Numbers

While less than 100 entries were initially expected, enthusiasm for the contest was overwhelming - resulting in 446 entries received. In addition to our talented grand prize winner, accolades were given to five other winners. All other participants were awarded a 15% coupon code, as a testament to Vego Garden's commitment to its community.

Meet the Winner

With many truly creative designs, it was a close contest. The grand prize was finally awarded to Samantha P, with her unique design that beautifully integrated varying bed heights, cascading from a central 32" height to the peripheral 11". She creatively incorporated space for a trellis between the beds, showcasing Vego's diverse color range.

Runner Ups

Dave G. – Dave's ingenious use of the L-Shaped beds, combined with 4 in 1's resulted in captivating zig-zag patterns that were amazing.


Kathy R. – Kathy's design captivates with a winding walkway, evoking tranquil garden strolls. An aerial view reveals a whimsical face pattern.

Teresa F. – Termed the "three-generation garden", Teresa's design thoughtfully accommodates gardeners of all ages, with our Kid's Bed and Trellis taking center stage. 

3d garden design

Vickie P. – Vickie's harmonious integration of trellis options paints a picturesque garden scene, perfect for photo taking.

3D design

Mystery Designer – This designer showcased elegantly angled beds with a sophisticated monochromatic look.

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Gardening Creativity on Display

"We were blown away by the creativity and passion of our gardening community. It was a tough call to select our winners, and we really wish we could have awarded everyone for their great efforts.” a Vego Garden spokesperson remarked. “A heartfelt thanks to all the participants, and congratulations once again to our deserving winners."

For more details on the contest, or to start designing your own dream garden, visit:

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