Vego Garden Giving Back Program Update - May 2024

Vego Garden
Vego Garden
Houston, TX, May 31st, 2024  – Vego Garden, the gardening industry’s innovation leader, has continued to serve local communities through its Giving Back Program - achieving encouraging results since the beginning of 2024. We are committed to give back to communities and support individuals in need through the program’s charitable efforts, as we partner with even more renowned social and community organizations. 
With our steadfast focus on corporate social responsibility, we have contributed to social, charitable, educational, and government projects in various communities with our garden bed donations. While we have temporarily reduced the number of applications in spring due to the arrival of our peak business season, the Giving Back Program has continued to achieve notable results in the month of May, with donations made to 26 new organizations, surpassing that of February to April. These include donations to 11 non-profit organizations, 12 schools, 2 hospitals, and 1 church. Since the start of the year, we have donated to a total of 62 organizations in support of various causes. 
New Alliances Forged 

As we enter the summer season, our program has continued to grow with many meaningful new partnerships. These new alliances once again highlight our staunch focus on fostering change through the therapeutic power of gardening. 

The Hebron Interfaith Health Services (HIHS) Food Pantry is one of our latest partners, distributing food to over 300 families facing food insecurity. To supplement their food offerings with fresh produce and herbs, the HIHS headquarters dedicates 250 square feet of space for raised garden beds. They have since expanded the growing space with a formalized garden area with Vego Garden raised beds. 

We also supported the work of the Medical University of South Carolina Pocket Urban Farms
. Through their innovative green spaces, people can gather to learn about the connection between food and health, with hands-on experiences and purposeful programs. They also teach at-risk children ways to improve their health through horticulture therapy with Vego Garden beds. 

We backed the efforts of Warrior's Refuge, a 501c3 non-profit ministry serving our nation’s homeless veterans - providing them with transitional housing and many resources to help end homelessness for good. They used our raised beds to produce food for their residents, and taught them how to grow food so they can have a skill to support themselves. 

Additionally, Vego Garden was also a proud sponsor of the Soil Festival 2024, held on Saturday, May 4 at the historic Maddox Park by Food Well Alliance and WABE. It was attended by over 1,000 people, and was a resounding success in their support of local growers. The Soil Festival brings together people of all ages to learn more about our local food leaders and urban agriculture.

Contributing to New Causes 

Since last year, we have joined hands with a variety of community partners to further contribute to social empowerment. Whether it’s working with 501c3 organizations, non-profits or schools, our garden bed donations have served the needs of communities with increasing impact. 

One such partner is the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, founded in 1983 with the goal of leveraging community resources to combat rising food insecurity. Funded by local philanthropists and volunteers, they have become the region’s largest hunger relief organization. Vego Garden donated 3 17” tall L-shaped Raised Garden Bed Kits to help them expand their current garden space - in a more formal layout that’s accessible to more visitors.

The latest school to benefit from our donations is Oakton Elementary School, located on the corner of Ridge Avenue and Oakton Street in Evanston, Illinois. With distinct academic programs and a diverse group of students, Oakton provides education to children from grades K through 5 in Evanston-Skokie School District 65.

We donated 2 32" Extra Tall 10 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits and 3 17" Tall 10 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits, which will be added to the school’s existing garden. The garden is incorporated into the physical education teachers’ program in both fall and winter, to teach children about growing and harvesting food for themselves.

Vego Garden also donated 5 17" Tall 9 in 1 modular raised garden beds to the Sanderling Waldorf School, the only accredited private school in North County San Diego. The school offers a gardening program for students from grades three to eight, incorporated into their weekly curriculum. Our garden beds will help grow various crops that are available in different seasons, so students can enjoy a natural learning environment outdoors.

Our Pledge to Give Back 
With a continued commitment to serve local communities in meaningful ways,Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program has stayed on course this year to help those in need and sow the seeds of change. These stellar results represent our ongoing pledge to give back in sustainable ways, as a company focused on gardening for the common good. 

As we welcome the vibrant summer months, we look forward to more fruitful partnerships with community support groups and key institutions this year. Through our program’s dedicated efforts, we will continue to elevate our work with notable partners, and strengthen our commitment to corporate social responsibility.