Vego Garden's Giving Back Program Update: Cultivating New Growth

Vego Garden
Vego Garden

Houston, TX, February 1st, 2024 –  As a new year begins, Vego Garden is continuing its mission to give back and support the underprivileged, with a steadfast commitment to community empowerment. As the leading innovator of the gardening industry, we remain dedicated to serving communities through our Giving Back Program in 2024 - as we join hands with more charitable groups in the first month of the year. 

With corporate social responsibility being our core focus, our donations in the support of education, social aid, and government initiatives have been met with continued praise. We are honored to partner with even more influential community players, joining hands to help those in need through the power of gardening. 

As we enter a brand new year, Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program once again achieved impressive progress in January, with garden bed donations to 10 new organizations. 

New Partnerships Coming to Fruition 

Gaining impressive momentum since last year, we have already confirmed several important new partnerships with influential community organizations through the Giving Back Program, as we commence our work for the new year.

One of the new academic institutions we are supporting this year is Wilson Elementary School in Sanford, Florida - a public school serving Seminole County, focusing on STEAM education and hands-on learning in various subjects. Our donations of 4 11" tall 4-in-1 garden beds are used to improve the school's butterfly garden, a new space to be enjoyed by teachers and students alike.

garden bed

We also lent support to West Virginia-based Straley School, an elementary school offering unique science lessons on growing and maintaining plants, which are also used as produce to supplement needy families. 

Vego Garden’s products were used in these lessons at the school, helping to enhance the school’s capability to supplement the nutritional needs of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, with every student eligible to get free lunches based on demographics.

garden bed

South Carolina-based Trident United Way is a new charity that we partnered with this month. First established as a community chest in 1944 in Charleston, the organization raises funds through its general annual campaign and distributes to member agencies. 

Serving as the backbone and connector to bring organizations from across the Tri-County, it uses  collaborative funding and solutions to solve social issues, aiming to achieve significant and lasting social change.

garden bed

Vego Garden is proud to support their charitable efforts, with donations of two 32” Extra Tall 10 in 1 Garden Beds, and two  17” Tall 10 in 1 Garden Beds used for their community gardens project. The gardens were built at selected sites last fall with our beds, bringing community members together to support gardening efforts and furthering access to fresh produce. 

Joining Hands with Different Sectors 

As our efforts continue to grow, we have continued to collaborate with partners in different realms including schools and NGOs, in more meaningful projects to strengthen communities.

Black Girls With Green Thumbs is the latest 501(c)(3) organization to receive our donations. They are a growing community of gardeners, seeking to restore their connection to food for health, and education to heal, nourish, and learn. Vego Garden donated an  L-shaped 17" raised bed and three 17" kids raised beds to replace wooden ones used previously in their library garden, where their community education programs are taught.

We assisted the work of the St. Clare Catholic School, founded in 1968 in O’Fallon, Illinois. The catholic school with deep connections to parish communities is a leading educator of students with spiritual formation at the core. 

The school received donations of four 17" Tall 10 in 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kits  from us. They will be used to create an educational school garden, where students will learn to grow fruits and vegetables with the beds. The produce will be donated to the local food pantry.

Vego Garden donated two 17" 10 in 1 raised garden bed kits to Troyer Memorial Library. This public library in La Fontaine is in a location far from fresh food sources, especially for people without means of transportation. 

They will use our garden beds to provide fresh and healthy food for free, aiming to alleviate food insecurity. Vego Garden beds will also contribute to the work of the La Fontaine Learning Community, offering programs to teach youths about gardening, nutrition, and the importance of spending time in nature.

Our Pledge to Serve 

Vego Garden’s Giving Back Program will continue to grow with local communities that we serve in 2024 - representing our unwavering dedication to empowering and supporting disadvantaged individuals, and our pledge to give back in profound and sustainable ways. 

As we begin a new year, we will continue to partner with key organizations and social aid groups to support community building and those in need, aiming for a greater contribution to initiatives that represent our focus on corporate social responsibility.