Destin Noak

Gardening Zone: 9B
Welcome to the flourishing world of Destin Noak, a Pro Gardener whose love for the earth is as deep as his Texas roots. Known as the 'Texas Garden Guy,' Destin brings a mix of traditional wisdom and modern techniques to gardening, making him a cherished voice in the community.

Destin believes in working alongside nature, not against it. His gardens are testaments to sustainable practices, where every plant plays a role in a larger ecosystem. He advocates for organic gardening, emphasizing soil health and natural pest control.
Enter the magical realm of Destin's expertise. From the meticulous care of organic gardens to the creation of sustainable oasis, Destin Noak embodies the essence of excellence. Marvel at their refined craftsmanship, discover the secret techniques that breathe life into each plant and witness the transformative power of their sustainable creations.
How do you prioritize sustainability in your gardening practices?

I try my best to not waste anything when it comes to gardening. Using the in bed composters has really helped me out with that. From kitchen scraps to trimmings from the garden. It all goes back into the soil. I also try not to waste anything when I’m doing any pruning by propagating and saving seeds for the next growing season.

What are your top tips for creating a sustainable garden?

My best tip for sustainability is succession planting. I always have the next crop already started from seed ready to go once the previous crop is starting to die back. Understanding your garden climate is another thing. If you know you’re going to be getting full afternoon sun all summer long in a certain area, invest in some shade clothe or grow super heat tolerant plants like okra and eggplant.

What inspired you to use Vego Garden raised beds for your garden?

What drew me to VEGO raised beds was the longevity factor. I have had wooden raised beds in the past the rotted out after a year or so. They never last, especially here in my part of Texas with all the weather events. So the durable metal sides of the VEGO beds are a game changer for me. Not to mention they look beautiful in my yard.

Share some specific tips and plant recommendations for your USDA hardiness zone.

So I recently went from Zone 9A to 9B with the recent USDA hardiness zone changes. But in all honesty, I rarely pay that much attention to what they say I can and can’t grow in my area. Especially if you have a greenhouse and VEGO rolling raised beds to bring things in during the winter. Although I do pay attention to the Zones when it comes to certain fruit trees like apples and pomegranates.

How do you incorporate sustainable materials into your raised bed gardening setup?

I try to get my mulch and soil from local mulch yards. Buying local and buying tools and materials that contain less plastic in general is typically the way I go. And if I have to buy plastic I try to make sure it recycled plastic. You can even use compostable hemp string for your trellises and tying up plants instead of plastic.

Have you implemented any eco-friendly pest control methods in your gardening? If so, what are they?

I have experimented with ladybugs, but I don’t recommend purchasing them. I try to use all organic pest control in the garden as well to avoid effecting beneficial insects. And if you do have to spray, do it late in the evening to avoid pollinators.

How do you promote biodiversity in your garden and create a thriving ecosystem?

I plant a ton of pollinator plants in the garden. I have also made an effort to introduce more native species of plants that are more hardy in my area. I also put out bird feeders and hummingbird feeders.

Destin Noak's Story & Advice

Growing up in the heart of Texas, Destin was surrounded by rich natural landscapes, inspiring him to delve into gardening at a young age. His approach blends time-honored practices with innovative methods, creating gardens that are both beautiful and bountiful.

Gardening Tips from the Texas Garden Guy:
Embrace native plants
They thrive in local conditions and support local wildlife.
Mulch is a must
It conserves water, regulates soil temperature, and adds nutrients.
Community is key
Share experiences and plants with fellow gardeners.
Destin Noak
Every garden tells a story, and every gardener is an author. My goal is to help you write a beautiful, sustainable story with your garden. Let's grow together with Vego Garden – where quality meets sustainability.
- Destin Noak
Destin's choice of Vego Garden raised beds is rooted in their quality, durability, and design. He appreciates how these beds complement his sustainable practices while adding a modern touch to his garden setups.

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Destin Noak
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