Lannie Armstrong

Gardening Zone: 7A
Welcome to the inspirational world of Lannie Armstrong, an undisputed virtuoso in the realm of gardening. With years of nurturing nature's canvas and a staunch commitment to sustainability, Lannie Armstrong has mastered the art of cultivating extraordinary gardens. Immerse yourself in Lannie Armstrong's enchanting journey, filled with a deep love for nature and the desire to create a harmonious, vibrant world.

I am an avid backyard organic gardener in Maryland. I utilize vertical gardening in growing vegetables and flowers to maximize my space. I love sharing experiences, tips, and tricks, as well as DIYs for growing all year round.
Enter the magical realm of Lannie's expertise. From the meticulous care of organic gardens to the creation of sustainable oasis, Lannie Armstrong embodies the essence of excellence. Marvel at their refined craftsmanship, discover the secret techniques that breathe life into each plant and witness the transformative power of their sustainable creations.
How do you prioritize sustainability in your gardening practices?

Prioritizing Sustainability:
- Using long-lasting gardening materials
- Composting kitchen scraps and garden debris for soil enrichment
- Repurposing items for gardening purposes

What are your top tips for creating a sustainable garden?

Top Tips for Creating a Sustainable Garden:
- Embrace composting and waste reduction
- Maximize garden harvests by utilizing all parts of the produce
- Share excess produce with others in need

What inspired you to use Vego Garden raised beds for your garden?

Inspiration for Using Vego Garden Advanced Beds:
- Admiration for the durability and aesthetics of Vego Garden raised beds
- Modular and easy-to-assemble design without the need for tools
- Ensuring no harmful chemical leaching into the soil

Share some specific tips and plant recommendations for your USDA hardiness zone

Tips and Plant Recommendations for USDA Hardiness Zone 7:
- Start seeds indoors for better control of growing conditions
- Use season extenders to prolong the garden harvest
- Choose plant varieties suitable for the zone's light and maturity requirements

How do you incorporate sustainable materials into your raised bed gardening setup?

Incorporating Sustainable Materials:
- Choosing durable materials that last longer
- Reusing items whenever possible
- Using homemade compost and built soil through composting in place

Have you implemented any eco-friendly pest control methods in your gardening? If so, what are they?

Implementing Eco-Friendly Pest Control:
- Attracting beneficial insects with herbs and flowering plants
- Practicing companion planting and avoiding monocropping
- Observing and hand-picking pests, utilizing barriers when necessary

How do you promote biodiversity in your garden and create a thriving ecosystem?

Promoting Biodiversity and Thriving Ecosystems:
- Providing habitat, food, and water for pollinators
- Growing annual and perennial flowers to feed pollinators and beneficial insects
- Letting some herbs and vegetables flower to support insect food sources

Lannie Armstrong's Story & Advice

Lannie takes pride in her journey as a gardener. One of her significant accomplishments has been mastering the art of composting. Learning the proper techniques to create nutrient-rich compost has contributed significantly to the garden's success. Moreover, she has successfully grown notoriously tricky vegetables such as broccoli, showcasing her ability to conquer challenges. Another accomplishment she's proud of is maximizing the garden space, which allows her to produce abundant vegetables and berries. This not only saves money on grocery bills but also reduces the frequency of trips to the store.
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Lannie's journey in cultivating the earth has yielded profound insights that beautifully capture the essence of gardening: "Gardening is a lifestyle to cultivate."

With these words, Lannie encapsulates the heart and soul she pours into her garden, transforming it into a living testament to her devotion. For Lannie, gardening is more than a hobby; it's a way of life that requires nurturing, patience, and a deep connection with the earth.

Join us in celebrating Lannie's journey and her invaluable contributions to the world of gardening. Take a stroll through her garden and let her words and experiences inspire your gardening adventures.
- Lannie Armstrong
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